Time Magazine – What the World Eats

This is SO COOL. You need to see it – it’s a photo essay on "What’s on family dinner tables in fifteen different homes around the globe?". The photographs are by Peter Menzel from the book "Hungry Planet".


It’s so interesting to see what people eat across the nations and how much they spend per week! One family only spends US$5 but their spread looks about the same as ours! The German family had loads of beer and wine. The American family spread was filled with junk food! Actually most families had loads of junk food except the poor ones. Plus the photos are so nice to look at. I love to see pictures of food and people’s lives.


I’m half tempted to print the photos out with our new laser printer and play Spot The Banana with Sophie. They seem to all eat bananas. Cools. Sophie’s fav food. She can spot it a mile away.


Here are our stats:

Singapore: The Lim Family of HV

Food expenditure for one week: S$235, inclusive of eating out or US$142

Favourite Foods: Sashimi, dried mango, sweet & sour pork, soya sauce chicken, banana

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