Singapore Museum



We got ourselves some culture! I signed us up for a year membership at the newly revamped National Museum of Singapore! Queenie kinda convinced me into it – it’s better than having our kids running around in malls and it is air-conditioned. It costs about $40 plus for a year. There’s a 15% discount if you sign up before 6 July.


For a start, Sophie got to enjoy the "Mozart – A Child Prodigy" exhibition for kids. It is part of the Children’s Season – a set of installations, exhibitions and programs meant for kids. The entire exhibition is completely interactive and child friendly = mostly they can’t break anything. The kids get to play dress up in the Rococo era, make paper wigs, do some writing with feathers, play with ancient toys and more.


It was pretty enjoyable although both Queen n I thought it was a bit lacking in content and not very extensive at all. But it was ok for the kids to play around I guess. It’s not meant for toddlers but it’s open to them. Sophie enjoyed parts of it like pounding some "toothpaste" made of herbs and sodium bicarbonate, the wigs, the toys and the horse carriage.


Top Left: Sophie learning to pound herbs.

Top Right: Playing with toys

Bottom Left: Trying to get the two kiddos to take a pic!

Bottom Right: The horse carriage – so pretty!


There was also a concurrent playground installation for toddlers that is FREE! Sophie enjoyed that a lot – running in tunnels and playing in the ball pit.



The Children’s Season is ending 6 July. Worth a visit.

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