West Coast Park


I used to think that Singapore is deprived of green and the great outdoors. Boy am I wrong! I mean for a small island we are REALLY doing our best.


Sophie had a great time playing with the sand and running on the grass today. She couldn’t stop running. She just kept running and running. It was so funny to see her. Ian and her hit it off and it was nice watching them. They were born on the same day and we pretty much saw both of them grow up together through the different stages. I laughed so hard when Sophie and Ian started cheering (like raising their arms and saying yey yey hurray!) when they saw his mom and I walked thru the door with food on our trays at Macs. I’m not sure if they were happy to see us or the food. I’d like to think it’s coz they were happy to see us coz we were gone for a while to get food. Hiak…. ok maybe they saw the fries!


We had a great time with the cell mums. This was our first meet up since some have started being full time mums. I’m looking forward to more fun and fellowship and watching our kids grow up in a nurturing and God fearing environment.

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