Zoo Trip with the Girls


We went to the zoo with a few of Sophie’s Sept baby friends. And………. we got to feed the giraffes!!! Can’t believe I had to run spell check on the word giraffe!!! My brain is disintegrating. Last week I went for cell on the wrong night. Anyway, I digress.


Back to giraffes! It was the coolest thing ever! I think I like big animals bettter than small ones, ironically. I actually fed the giraffe better than the rabbits at the Animal Resort the last time! And I was shock that giraffes have REALLY long tongues! I thought it was worth all that $5 to do that, although some might beg to differ :). You just have to do it to believe it! And anyway, it goes to supporting the zoo.


Oh yes! And we saw the polar bear bite the head of a fish and carried it around the pool! How cool is that!?!? Animal planet live!


I’m really not an animal person but I think I’m starting to appreciate them a little more. Oooo and Sophie, she had a great time! Truth is, she was the one who wanted to feed the giraffes. I made the mistake of asking her if she wanted to do it even though I already decided that we weren’t going to do it. So we tagged along with our garang friend Brenda and it was great!

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