The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule


I finally got a copy of The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule! I love her blog and when she launched her book I wanted to order one from Amazon but I found it at MPH (plus Citibank card holders get 20% off now).


I had such a wonderful time reading it on my off day. Yes! My off day! James watched Sophie on Wed afternoon while I went off for my long awaited off day. Not quite an off day but nevertheless, a whole afternoon to myself. SO NICE LAH……… What did I do? I went to the National Museum to collect some tickets for Sophie n her kiddy friends for this Sunday’s Museum for Toddlers, jumped in in time for the guided 1hr tour, walked to City Hall, had to go to MPH (cannot help myself!!!), bought books, sat down at Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream (also cannot help myself) to read, shopped around a bit and met James for dinner and movie coz it was also our date night.


Anyways back to the book, it totally inspired me. I like it that she was so personal about her life and her ideals in bringing up the family creatively, very Waldorf. And of course, the photos totally swept me off my feet. Plus the fantastic craft ideas.


Two things spoke to me
1. She believes in purchasing good art and craft materials that can be used by anyone in the family. Not separating what the adults use from the kids. I thought that was pretty cool. That helps to educate the kids about these materials, encourage them to be creative as a family and to be careful with the materials that they use. It’s like WOW even the adults use them, it must be very special!


2. She writes about family creative time where the family just sit together quietly and do their own creative thing – e.g drawing, crafting etc. That’s really cool! Funny how James is an artist but we’ve never done this before.


The book is inspiring and causes me to think in all directions BUT unfortunately, not all can be done easily here in Singapore since we do not have a strong crafting culture and we do lack creative spaces e.g. parks, oceans etc. But it’s ok, I love the challenge of thinking out of the box and doing within my means anyways. I’ll just work with what we have!


As a result, I have since brought Sophie to the park and made sure she walked on the grass and not just the pavement, I’ve bought a pair of shoes and earrings on a whim just because they looked pretty (I’m generally a stinge), we’ve also drawn and painted together just Sophie and I.

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  1. Steph (Canada) Says:

    Hi cousins!
    I have that book too! I also am a big fan of Amanda’s blog. So nice to find something else that we have in common. :) Kisses for Sophie!

  2. AiLing Says:

    hi steph! :) Cool beans! So nice ah… i love the dresses she sews for her littlest one… wish i could sew like that!

  3. Steph (Canada) Says:

    Yeeeah her sewing brilliance has totally inspired me to dust off my sewing machine too!!

  4. Fran Says:

    Hey! Will go get a copy of the book :).

    A and I have a craft basket at home filled with all kinds of knick-knacks for whatever inspires us. We make lots of stuff. I only keep the paints out off her reach because that requires supervision in an apartment (it was easier when we had a front yard where she was allowed to paint everything including her own body). But we bring sketch pads to the zoo and I will probably bring them next time we go to Botanics as well. We started with felt sewing recently and it’s been quite a hit with her.

    And Yes. I believe in getting good materials for her to work with. I put away the lousy markers and paper. It tends to tear and create chaos instead of inspiring creativity!

    It’s not hard to be creative in Singapore… LOTS OF CHEAP GOOD ART SUPPLIES!! It was ex in the States. I love the book “Young at Art” by Susan Striker. It talks about natural artistic development in kids and it encourages me not to draw for A and to let her find her own creativity.

  5. AiLing Says:

    ooo i can’t wait for soph to be a little older. at this point she loves pasting stuff, stickers and all. she loves glue too which is great coz we just spend time pasting things. collages are great to do too. i’m not really good with drawing so i prefer to cut n paste anyways. can share w me where you buy cheap art supplies? I’ll go check out the book you recommended too.

  6. Fran Says:

    Art Friend! I pick up random stuff like pipe cleaners, glue guns (for me to use only), white school glue, fabric glue etc. and stock in the basket. You never know when you need to make a particular thing! And I’m a Karang Guni, I collect used tissue rolls, jars, bottles etc. We’ve made robots with tissue rolls! And I also like Popular… sometimes sale can get whole stack of construction paper cheap.

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