Thoughts on next issue of SOL

The Previous Issue’s Cover Page. Irene our designer illustrated and did the mag layout. So pretty!


I’m really thankful for all the people who have worked hard on the Seasons of Life (SOL) articles.


I got an sms from Renita saying she’s taken leave from work just to finish hers up today. And Brian worked thru his precious weekend while on reservist.


Since I’ve been working on this mag, I’ve just been amazed again and again by the providence of God. Sometimes I cannot believe how it’s just so easy doing God’s will, if only I can just stop to pray and inquire of the Lord. Almost each time we’ve asked people to write, they have been more than glad and each time the articles speak to many.


The next issue is on young adults. One issue that keeps surfacing is how do I balance it all?


I think we really need to break out of two mindsets – one being, balance. Balance always connotes there being two parts whether equal or not (imagine a balancing scale). There is nothing to balance if it’s a whole. The divided heart needs to balance but the heart (life) wholly committed to Christ, is whole and therefore, in essence one. Of course there’s still another level, everything is a service to the Lord but still, how much time do I spend at work, ministry and with my family? I learnt this from Landa Cope (YWAM speaker) once and it has stuck ever since. There is no such thing as prioritising, just do what the Lord says. Some days family is put first, other days maybe the Lord will ask you to put ministry above family trusting that He will look after the family (Yes! He does that) and so on. It really boils down to the Lordship of Christ. I think the scariest Christians who mislead the world are those who think they can still function as two parts.


The other mindset – church ministry = serving. I find that in interviewing many Christians, esp young/new Christians, they have this idea that to serve means they need to be involved in some kind of ministry at church. Even when I started to serve in worship ministry last year again (and I only did so because the Lord spoke REALLY loudly), someone said to me "Welcome back!" and someone said "Ni cong chu jiang hu", like as if I’ve been hiding from service. The truth? I’ve been enjoying myself sitting in the comfort of my Lord’s feet (oh plus changing nappies, night feeds etc but that’s still secondary service). Only coz He said to. You see, serving is being a servant to (someone). Servants don’t run around doing everything, they only do what the Master says.


I think when we begin to break out of these two mindsets can we begin to be servants unto the Lord. I’m still in rehab, a lot of unlearning to do.





5 Responses to “Thoughts on next issue of SOL”

  1. Steph (Canada) Says:

    Beautiful words…. ESPECIALLY about balance and serving. :) A very good reminder of what our ONLY priority should be!

  2. AiLing Says:

    Thanks steph. It was one of those inspired moments. Thought I better write it down before I forget. Have to keep reminding myself daily. :)

  3. Nyet Says:

    Hey AL, you put your thoughts together very well. Next time must contribute an article k? Never mind the language if that’s what you are worried about, that’s why we have editors he!he!

  4. AiLing Says:

    hahaha I’m really one of those writers that need inspiration. If it come, it comes! But if nothing, means really nothing.

  5. kLeM Says:

    AHEM. let this journalism student chip in about the whole thing about balance in publications. i think it’s great you’re trying to achieve balance, but it’s not just about injecting balance, but a FAIR balance. try that, maybe that’s what would make a difference to this little conundrum you’re facing. pushes the bar just that one level up as well. more challenging means we’re trying to be excellent in what we are doing.

    you can argue until the cows come home about what “fair” involves, but this is something the editorial team has got to agree on. all the individual writer can do is to recognize your own inherent personal bias and try to inject what you observe to be the nuances of the situation at hand. always attribute your statements unless it’s a fact.

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