Left: Sophie in one of the playareas

Right: Arya and Arianne



Our Fri Mums group (it’s not just mums from our cell anymore, it’s fast expanded! :)) finally made it to Fidgets on Friday.


We went a little earlier coz Sophie had a short nap and we had to leave early anyways. It costs $8 for under 2s and they can play as long as they want.


Sophie was SO EXCITED when I told her we were going to play balls (ball pit). She had a great time climbing and riding in the cars etc. She was a bit hesitant to try out some of the stuff at first but after a while, she got better at them. Hee and a bit of peer pressure from our ever gung ho Arianne helped! Brenda and Arianne joined us too!


I think all that climbing and jostling around crowd was really good to build up Sophie’s confidence and strength. She’s not a very bulky girl and when other kids brush up against her, she can’t hold her ground (both physically and emotionally) so she normally end up frustrated and complains/whines. We should really do this a lot more.


I like Fidgets coz there is a lot of space and it looks like they clean up a lot with their special cleaning machine. But it can get crowded in the mornings and early afternoon. After 4pm seemed like a nice time coz like what Bren said, the angmoh mums go home to cook. So I think we might go there again soon.

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