Saturdays with Daddy

Top Left: At Borders reading with Daddy

Top Right: Reading at lunch. She loves this book although we got it for Evan. If she turns out to be a bookworm, it’ll seriously be my fault.

Bottom Left: Checking out the canal. Pretty nice lah even though it’s a canal.

Bottom Right: Sunset Way


I love the weekend. That’s when we have James all to ourselves.


Yesterday we had a lazy Saturday doing our favourite things – bookshop (Borders great sale at 45% off w the coupon & card), leisure lunch, Macshop, lazy around at home and then early dinner at quiet places.


James was so sweet. He spent the morning reading to Sophie while I scoured around for good buys. After that, we had lunch and then I put Sophie to nap in the sling (Yes! I dug out our old red sling to give it a try) and it worked. She was asleep in a few minutes. But I couldn’t walk around too much, too heavy, I need to figure out how it works. We need to try this in prep for our aus trip coz we forsee Sophie’s not going to be able to fit into the baby bjorn. While Sophie napped, James happily combed thru the Macshop and I rested.


We got home and Sophie continued napping on me. I slept together with her on top of me for almost another 30 mins before she woke up! Nice!


We had dinner at the revamped Sunset Way. It’s been a while since it has been redone with restaurants like a mini Holland Village. But we’ve never been even though it’s so near to us! We like it coz it’s quiet, it’s close to a playground and near the canal where we saw many people doing their evening jogs and exercise. We liked the vibe – down to earth and casual. A great alternative to overcrowded and too hip Holland V.


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  1. kLeM Says:

    u just visited my hood! i live right by the canal too, but nearer the roads…

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