These are a few of our favorite things


We had a great day today!!!


In the morning Sophie and I went to West Coast to have a bit of sandplay… gotta prepare her for the upcoming trip. I’ll be so sad if she refuses to walk on the beach!! It’ll be a disaster! I’m having dreams of us walking on the beach, building sandcastles… la di da…. can’t wait! She did well! She dug her head into sand and pour sand on her head. Ok pass, she’s not afraid of sand. I battled being the scardy cat Singaporean mum and wanted to stop her but she was having so much fun, I just had to sit back and just laugh with her. Sometimes when I relax, we do have so much more fun.


After that, we had lunch at Macs. Yes, also in preparation for the trip – to eat junk food! Ok like as if we need any training in that! Hahaha… She enjoyed her milk, corn and scraps of meat off my oily McWings and cheeseburger. Argh, so unhealthy! But so yummy! Oh ya, plus fries. Dipped in chilli! Argh, she’s taken to the chilli sauce! This time round she’s not so keen on fries, donno why, good thing I guess. We’re going to be away for a whole month so I really need to start relaxing on her food intake or else I’m really not going to enjoy the trip very much. She doesn’t eat a lot so I really need to be very strategic on what I give her – max nutrients on little food. Ok I guess one month of junk food won’t kill her, in fact, she might really start to enjoy food again! Avocado land here we come!


We spent the afternoon with Evan and then later popped over to Summer and Kyla’s place. The girls had a great time. Today’s lesson was on Good Friends. I really pray that these two girls will stick thru thick and thin together, just like Gin n I. We made them do hand prints – each girl has a hand print of her own n the other’s. So sweet. It’s going to be so memorable in time to come.


Ended the day with dinner downstairs with Daddy. Nice. Friends and family that’s what we need for the long run. I’m deeply appreciative of that tonight.



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  1. Jia Says:

    I love Sophie’s cheeky smile!

  2. AiLing Says:

    Ha! I’m not quite sure if she’s trying to be cheeky! That’s the only way she knows how to smile right now!! Haha :)

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