Ready for No 2?

Left: Sophie reading with A.
Right: Sophie having dinner with kor kor Chris.


I think I’m all ready for No 2…………………… right. Maybe just for an hour a day, ha!


Recently I’ve been doing some babysitting.


First of all, I LOVE KIDS!


Second of all, Sophie loves company and she’s so much happier when there are people around. I’m a great believer of having more kids because they take care of themselves eventually.


And since I live in the neighbourhood of spas and cafes, I’ve offered my friends – come, leave your kids with me and go have a dinner date/spa treatment and enjoy yourself. (I even thought of making this into a business considering the number of expats around this area who wouldn’t mind paying for this!)


So, some time back, Wanz dropped Ally (3 yrs old) and Arya (18 mths old?) with their helper and went for her hair cut. Just last Friday, B dropped A (2 yrs old) off to go do her nails. And on Fri night, I went over to S’s house with Soph to look after my godson Chris (6 yrs old) while his dad went for F1 and his mum was at work.


Ooooooo ok, truth?


The first hour is BLISS! The kids play nicely – sharing toys, food, books……….. I even sat down to read the papers at some point.


The next hour, the kids suddenly turn on each other! Share! No! Snatch! Cry! Fight! Etc……. Here’s where I come in with distractions – here have this other toy, biscuit (somehow someone elses’ biscuits always tastes better!) etc…….


Finally, I put on the TV while waiting for food to arrive. Rest. For like 15 mins……. and then I realise, not everyone’s kid is like mine! I went thru 3-4 vcds because Sophie wanted the "The Backyardigans" but A wanted "Barney". When I put on one, the other say "No!". My part time helper had a good laugh watching me trying to satisfy the two little two year olds!


My conclusion??????????? An age gap of 2 and above is great! 4 years apart even better coz Chris was such a gem and was constantly trying to play with Sophie. Having twins is disastrous unless you’re there watching them all the time at this stage.


But I still LOVE KIDS. :)

2 Responses to “Ready for No 2?”

  1. Wanz Says:

    Haha you’re great lah, so patient and engaging, which reminds me, I have to time my next hair appt for when you return from Melbourne!!!! hehe :)

  2. James Says:

    Er… you are the patient one rem? Talking vegetables?!?! :) Yes yes…. we’ll be back real soon :) Come come…

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