What I’m up to

Now that the mag is being printed and I can breathe, this is what I’m doing now


1. Trying to figure out the weather in Melbourne and what to wear??????


I’m such a Singaporean girl – I wear sleeveless t-shirts, jeans and slippers, at the most I have a cardigan. I have no idea how to dress myself or Sophie in warm clothing. I did a REALLY bad job in Shanghai. I think Sophie was underdressed most of the time compared to the China babies who looked like they could roll away in all their bundles and layers! And I don’t want to look silly with a trench coat in Spring.


Sooooooo I’ve been surfing on aussie blogs to see what kids and adults actually wear! And guess what????? They wear sweaters to the beach! Ok I can junk that bikini.


Oh and about the wedding we’re attending in Melbourne – what do people wear to dinner parties? I need a dress! Or do I?


2. Where are the Haji lane type shops in Melbourne? The hidden shops and places?


I think we’ll still go to the usual places of interest. The usual tourist sites have the usual stuff but there’s limited info on what’s current and unusual. I’ve also been surfing blogs and sites. This has been helpful – Craft City Melbourne.


So exciting! I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got recommendations ya?

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  1. domesticgoddess Says:

    wow so cool! It is such a nice time to go to Melbourne! I love that gorgeous city and can’t wait to be back. A dress would do just fine for the spring wedding, though you should always be prepared for some chill as Melbourne has the reputation of having ‘4 seasons in a day’. Got to go to St. Kilda area on a Sunday, Absolutely fabulous! :) Have a blast and take lots of photos!

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