Sophie is 3!


Sophie turns 3 today!


We had a party for her and invited all our friends from the school. It was a bit tight in the house but that’s what we love most, having a tight party! It kinda reminded us of our home back in Singapore and how we used to have parties and squeeze everyone in.


For the first time ever, I attempted to bake and make stuff for a party! Gin n I made muffins with Sophie and Evan yesterday. Turned out really well and so simple! I also made a jello "cake" using instant jello and made it look like an aquarium with gummies and marshmallows!



Sophie is at the age where she can help out in so many ways. She was quite happy packing all the goody bags for her friends. We put a pack of crisps, a gummy pack, a bubble bottle and a fruit bar. Turned out the bubble bottles were a hit! After dinner, the kids were running around blowing bubbles.




Oh yes! As of tonight, Sophie is now sleeping on a single bed on her own. We transited her from her travelling cot into the bed. Got her new girly bedsheets with flowers and butterflies. Big girl now!

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  1. Steph Says:

    Happy birthday little cousin! It’s been such a joy to see photos of you and hear stories of how God is growing you into a big girl! May you continue to seize everything that He brings your way, and bring lots of joy to your mummy, daddy, and everyone else who meets you. Lots of love. :)

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