Team Vanuatu


School is almost over! In fact, graduation night is tomorrow!


Being staff on a DTS has been quite an adventure, it’s not been an easy walk at all but it’s so encouraging to see how my one on ones have been stretched and have grown!


The next phase is outreach and we’ll be leaving for Vanuatu on Sunday. We’re leading a team of 7 adults (including ourselves) and 6 kids. The kids are mostly under 4! In the past I would have thought – what on earth can young families do on outreach?!? But having been on the last FMS trip, I saw that it is possible and families are SO NEEDED to shine in this world where many struggle to really understand what a family really is. Granted that it’s true that most of the time we’ll be running after our kids but still by just being there, we are showing an example of Christian family life and values that can be non-existent in some cultures.


A few ministry opportunities are open for us – e.g youth work, children ministry, running a mini-DTS, prisons ministry and possible building and construction work.


We’re looking forward to going back to Vanuatu. Miss the people there. This time, we’ll be there for 7 weeks. Pls continue to pray for grace, courage and strength for us. Also pray that Sophie will transit easily.

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