Outreach Week 5


Last week we felt the Lord leading us back to Him.


We stopped everything the previous Saturday and just spent time sharing and praying. In order to do that, we had to reshuffle a few responsibilities. Thank God that Geoff and Amanda (base leaders) were very understanding and accommodating towards us. As we shared with them, they confirmed that God has also been speaking to them about returning to prayer and worship as the foundation of the base. That was the affirmation we needed to press on.


As a team, we felt that God is calling us to repentance, communion, prayer and fasting. A relook at why we are doing what we are doing. A relook at our hearts and attitudes.


So, we set aside yesterday (Saturday) to pray as team and the upcoming Tuesday as a base to pray and fast and turn our eyes back to God. On Tuesday, we will break fast at 7pm (Vanuatu time) for a village and base celebration. Part of the plan is also to restore the prayer house which hasn’t been in great shape. Also we are going to reinstate the cross on the base and the prayer house.


As we began to once again turn our eyes towards the Lord (which is also repentance – turning away from ourselves and things around us and turning towards Him) and return to the DTS/Lordship day moment, several things began to fall in place. We began to see the team functioning in their giftedness and passion. We began to hear from the Lord like never before and had many words of confirmation from each other. Divine appointments also increased.


However, the attacks have also been fast and furious. With emotional despair and discouragement to physical sickness – Eli is having hand food mouth disease with ulcers on his hands and mouth, Gin pretty worn out from having to look after two kids on her own and she is also down with a stomach flu, and so on and so forth. It reached a peak yesterday morning when we started to fast and pray. That was when we realized that Eli was sick and Gin’s stomach flu got worse. The pressure was also building up and there was some tension but thank God it was quickly resolved.


Please do keep us in prayer as we make a stand to put God first in our lives and on behalf of the base and land. We believe that Tuesday is going to be a pivotal point in our lives as well as for the base so we would appreciate that you partner us in praying, not just for us but for the Love Vanuatu base and for Vanuatu. God is at work and we are excited to be part of it.

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