Outreach Week 6 – Cleaning up the house


It never fails to amaze me how prayer & fasting always brings about the breakthrough that we long to see. Last Tuesday was a great testimony to that. If you need a breakthrough in your life, get on your knees, seek the face of God, pray and fast and you’ll see God move in an amazing way.


Our day started at 6am in the morning and we ended with a big feast at 7pm. It was a corporate compulsory fast so there was no cooking until the evening. With exception of the pregnant women and children.


We gathered for corporate prayer at the prayer house at 8am. We worshipped, prayed for each other and the base leaders shared their hearts. At 10am, some of us returned with the children. We set up the creative worship table where the kids drew pictures for Jesus. James stayed behind at the prayer house to pray and some worked on cleaning up the prayer house.


The prayer house has not been well kept and needed to be cleaned. It was symbolic of the state of prayer on the base. The Lord was calling the base to return to prayer.
Through the day, people signed up to pray.


At 3pm, we gathered again to share and feedback on what the Lord was showing us. A few shared and it was an amazing time where everyone confessed their sins and area of repentance. For some it was a time of reconciliation. A lot of walls were broken down that day.


After that some of us took the newly made cross and carried it and worshipped around the village. Some proceeded to prepare the feast. Others helped with the decorations for the feast. Some continued praying.


At 7pm, we gathered for a time of communion and ended with a feast and prayer for each other. The base also showed a video of thanksgiving for what the Lord had done over this year. God has really been so good to them despite of the many challenges.


Rest of the week, we went to Blacksands twice where Sue & Em taught and Jim preached, to the preschool, Gin led worship during the open meeting and James preached. We also organized a kids farewell party for the older kids that have been coming regularly on Thursday afternoons. This weekend we are preparing for a wedding for a couple on the base. In fact, we’re just preparing and cooking in a bit! We’re making samosas, chicken wings and fruit kebabs. Yums!

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  1. wanz Says:

    thanks Ai Ling, that must be the umpteenth reminder I’ve received in recent weeks from the Lord to return to prayer ….

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