New Driver On the Block




Today was momentous! I drove to town and back on my own! It was all great except at one point, I bumped into an elderly man's car bumper a little trying to reverse out of a parking lot but thank God no damage, phew!


I drove all three of us to town to have brunch at the All Day Breakfast place in town to celebrate Father's Day (erm, NZ doesn't celebrate Father's Day today) and then to New World (supermarket) and Warehouse (like Kmart) for some shopping before we headed back home. I was a bit tensed the whole time coz it's the first time I'm on my own for almost 10 years since I got my license. And it was raining quite heavily at some point. In fact, I'm not sure if I've ever driven on my own before without a seasoned driver!


Anyhow, it's great! Looking forward to more! FREEDOM!!!!!

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  1. Steph Says:

    Well Done my dear, BRAVO.
    I so applaud you for perservering despite the pregnancy hormones, bump and all.
    I'm glad I persisted too despite my driving instructors telling me that maybe I should ask my GP for some meds to calm my nervousness when driving.

  2. AiLing Says:

    Thanks dear!!! :) Hee… that's so funny, getting meds! I'm so glad you can identify! Sometimes I still get a bit jittery but so far so good, thank God!

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