Levi: 1 month



Levi is exactly a month old today.


He's doing really well. He's now 4.7 kg, a whooping 10 lbs! He's outgrown his New Born (NB) sized onesies and is almost bursting out of the Huggies NB sized diapers! I went to buy Infant sized diapers yesterday and by instinct got a pink pack instead of blue. I didn't even realise it until I came home. Even the midwife here commented that he was big. I guess he's big even for babies here.


Some days he's still feeding every 2 – 2 1/2 hours but mostly he's doing 3 hrly feeds. He's sleeping better in the nights but also still waking every 3 hours on good nights to feed.


He's much more alert now and is constantly looking to engage eye contact. I think he likes communicating as much as Sophie.


We're still trying to get used to eating at the dinner hall. If he's sleeping, he tends to cry and wake because of the noise level. But good thing is that everyone is more than happy to take over and carry him. :)

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  1. Ann Says:

    dear James & Ai Ling, Sophie & Levi,
    Ai Ling – congrats on Levi!
    Levi – i think you have the same birthdate as me (2 sept)!!!
    Sophie – i think you have the same birthdate as our wedding anniversary (25 sept)!!!
    wow, so many same dates!
    WHEN REPLYING, please reply to my gmail address, as i can't get onto the web often or for a long time.  thanks!
    ann, your DTS classmate 😉

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