Sending mama n yeye off



My in laws left last weekend. We went up to Auckland to send them off and spent a night there.


It's been such a blessing having them around. They cooked for us every day, every meal for 6 whole weeks. It was such a luxury. My father in law was also the one who drove us to the hospital when Levi was about to be born. My mum in law helped to soothe Levi in the evenings so that I could have dinner in peace. Most of all, they were Sophie's main companions when James had to return to work and I was spending most of my time with Levi.


Sophie was inconsolable when they left. She cried and cried. Poor thing. She's grown so attached to them over the past 6 weeks. But it was good that she could grief like that. As grown ups, we always overlook the grieving process when people leave because we get so hardened. Looking at her grieve made James and I wished we had that kind of heart again. Once she stopped crying she was absolutely fine.


1. Auckland is so fun! I love being in the city once in a while. James and I went on a date (Levi was our chaperon) on Sat night to watch the latest movie The Last AirBender. The show was so so but it was my first date with James since we returned to NZ in July and my first 3D movie. I know, very suaku but so shiok. Levi slept thru the movie and woke up in the last 30 mins to feed. Nice.


2. I drove back from Auckland. Woah! 2 hrs straight. I'm really starting to enjoy driving long distances.

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  1. Wei Lii Says:

    Very glad to hear about the support you had (blessed indeed by your in-laws!) and the refreshing time you had in Auckland. :)
    Gen 22:14 "On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided" – God meets our every needs as we yield to him and walk in obedience with Him. God bless!

  2. AiLing Says:

    Amen! It is true!

  3. Priscilla Says:

    Hi Ai Ling!  Ah so glad to hear you had such supportive in laws and that is a blessing in itself.  I am sorry I haven't been popping by to check on you, somehow I can only browse your page when I use my work laptop, argghh, so a lot of times I get lazt to swicth coomputer! 
    Also, happy belated 4th birthday to Sophie.  What a beautiful girl she is now! 
    And Levi, what a big healthy baby boy he is! 
    And bravo to you for driving the long distance, good for you and am so proud of you! 

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