Levi: 5 weeks old



The little one is 5.1kg and 57cm today! Woah! That explains why he's been bursting out of his NB clothes (up to 56cm) and diapers (up to 5kg).


Remember not to buy to much NB sized clothes and diapers! You'll prob only need enough for 3-4 weeks and mostly they'll outgrow them fast. If diapers are on sale, the size to stock up is Infant (4-8kg), not the Newborn ones.

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  1. Steph Says:

    Wah your BM is powerful potent stuff for Levi 😉
    As Luke was born big too (3.77 kgs) he didnt wear any newborn clothes at all and went straight to 1 mth and very soon after 3 mths . I remember u commented why his clothes at the beginning looked so big on him but it's also easier to take on and off when they r looser and they r great for when layering in winter time.

  2. Nyetzy Says:

    We used to buy diapers and clothes which are at  least one size bigger for the kids whenever we go shopping for stuff. You'll be amazed at how fast they grow. Levi looks so cute here with nice chubby pinchable cheeks ;p

  3. AiLing Says:

    Steph, ya man! It's all the soups that my FIL made for me and the vitamins James makes me take! :) Ya it's true, easier to put on big clothes than try to squeeze him in the small ones. But so sad that people gave mostly NB/0-3 mth clothes.

    Nyet: ya it makes more sense. Good thing I didn't buy any, most were hand me downs or given. Ya he's very chub chub :) Very different from Soph.. hee

  4. Nyetzy Says:

    Keep the NB ones as gifts for friends having babies.

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