Levi: 6 weeks old



Little Levi is 6 weeks old! I managed to catch a photo of him smiling. Check out the sticker on his blanket. Sometimes I leave him on the sofa or bouncinette for a while and when I come back, I find stickers on his forehead, his cheeks etc… I wonder who's been sticking them? Hmmmm…. :)


School's out and Sophie's now home with me. Six weeks in, we've somewhat a schedule going. It's not easy to manage both kids esp in the morning when I'm on my own but we're getting there. It works well when Levi is able to nap properly but when he doesn't, then everything goes a bit haywire. Like yesterday, it felt like I was carrying him the whole day coz he just wouldn't nap for long and was crying on and off thru the day. Poor Sophie had to do her own thing most of the time. Thank God these days are few and most days he's pretty predictable.


Levi is quite a predictable kid. Most times, he will wake up right on time to feed. If you start patting him to sleep about 1 and a half hours after waking, it's likely that he'll start feeling drowsy and fall asleep. The only problem is that he doesn't sleep for long. Oh wells, he'll learn eventually I believe.


He's starting to respond with cooing and even laughed a little when I tickled him. Very cute! He's VERY strong and his body is very developed for a 6 wk old. He loves it when he's rocked or moved e.g. he is calmed easily if the pram or car is moving. He wouldn't take the dummy, we thought that'll be a great way to sleep train him like we did with Sophie.


He's doing really well and we're all in love with him, esp Sophie.

3 Responses to “Levi: 6 weeks old”

  1. Steph Says:

    Ooh love the chubby cheeks ! Do me a favour and take photo of his chubby thighs and feet pls ! 😉
    Hilarious abt Sophie pasting stickers on Levi ! She's rewarding him for being a good baby mah.

  2. Priscilla Says:

    Wow, this lil one has grown!  He looks more than 6 wks old, hahahaha!  Mummy must be doing the right thing, he sure look happy and healthy!  You still have your sling there, sling him during the day, but then it becomes hard on the back n shoulder too.  If u haven't got one, I can send my Pupsik one over to you ok!  Let me know yah!  Coz I am sending you guys a bunch of goodies too and I can just throw that in too : )

  3. AiLing Says:

    Steph, actually ah his thighs not so chub chub leh, only his face and generally very heavy. I feel like i'm lifting weights when I'm holding him to feed. Ha!

    Pris, ya, even people here keep saying he is big, he must be quite big even by Kiwi standard. I'm quite kayu lah, can't really carry heavy things, normally James is the one that uses the sling. You're such a dear sending us stuff! I'm really blessed to have made a fellow blog mummy friend like you. Btw, congrats on launching your lil business! :)

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