Levi: 2 months old



Our lil chubby chub chub just turned 2 months yesterday!


He's been breaking out into smiles and we're all just trying our best to make him giggle and smile. So very cute. He's been quite easy probably because I'm just taking it easy with him. He's still waking up lots in the night and only sleeping short naps in the day. He's growing real fast. At 8 weeks he weighed 5.8kg and measured 61cm. Everyone keeps teasing that he's outgrowing me!



Sophie's been a great che che (big sister). She helps to rock him when he's whining on the bouncer, get a tissue to clean his drool, turns on music to entertain him when we are busy etc. I think Levi is super blessed to have Sophie as his older sis. Of course there are the times when she runs around the house like big foot when he's sleeping and wakes him up after only being asleep for like 15 mins (Yeeks!), and she hugs the life out of him and jumps on the bed when he's on it but really, they are a great pair. He breaks into big smiles when she goes near him.

4 Responses to “Levi: 2 months old”

  1. Nyetzy Says:

    He looks like a mini sumo. LOL!

  2. AiLing Says:

    Ya! I also say, very heavy to carry ooo

  3. Sue-Ann Says:

    I can totally relate to everything you described about the relationship between Levi & Sophie cos Eli & Skyler are exactly the same!

  4. ailing Says:

    Sue, really? Ah so cool lah we have lots to catch up on!! Hope you are enjoying Bali!

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