Summer Tees


A special shout out to our good friends Es and Sue before I forget.



Funny how it arrived just in time for the trip! I realised I didn't have much summer clothes for Levi and also they were just the right size (3-6 mths). It's so comfy and easy to wear and of course, uber trendy! Thanks heaps. Save me from washing everyday!

P/s: Levi is 11 months weeks old today and just before we left, the Plunket nurse weighed him. He was 6.48 kg! My arms are aching from having carry and pat him to sleep. When we return, it's time to sleep train! But he's been doing real well, super cute. I think he's in love with me because he bursts into big smiles whenever I look at him. So so so cuteeeeee.


P/s: And yes, this will be my last post for tonight. :)

2 Responses to “Summer Tees”

  1. Nyetzy Says:

    Oh my! baby Sumo! He looks so much like Sophie here.

  2. James Says:

    haha ya they look very much alike. it's amazing how they look alike but he looks so boy and she looks so girl. God is amazing in His creation.

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