Sorry for the slow down in posts. We came back on Wednesday and have been readjusting to being home.


But main reason why I've been a little more busy is because the little one caught an skin infection while in Vanuatu. He's alright and it's starting to heal. However, it's infectious so I've gotta take care to wash all his stuff separately and keep changing his sheets. The doc prescribed both local and oral antibiotics.


He's been a bit more grouchy but still coping pretty well. Thank God that he's good at taking his meds, not too fussy there.


Please keep us in prayer. Very heart pain to see him like that. Will update more soon!

2 Responses to “Downtime”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Ohhh poor poor little man, hope he feels better soon.  But heehee, he is so chubby and round, love it!  Can he still wear the onesie I sent?  Hope he gets to wear it, hahaha! 

  2. AiLing Says:

    Hey Pris, oooo he can still wear it but i think not for long! Hahaha… I've got some photos of it and i'll post it soon!

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