Desk mess



Here's a random post. This is my desk. A peak into my life. Of the things that are important to me and things that are not that just somehow pile up.


A few significant things from left:


1. A page of nicely designed calendar from my bi-monthly indulgence – Frankie Mag.


2. A page of sermon notes from a sharing my pastor's wife did on Grace. Beautiful words and verses that I must commit to memory.


3. On the table – My daily sustenance – Word for Today, a daily devotional, my journal, my bible and current stash of books and magazines.


4. Middle of the table – a cat pouch with my lovely Canon S90, crucial for documenting our lives.


5. Noticeboard – library ious, hand drawn birthday card from Wan Lin, a note from Sophie's dance class, brochure for upcoming Parachute Festival, our family daily schedule hour to hour (i'm very organized one… ya right), church leaflet


6. Whole pile of books and files – those are Sophie's homeschool stuff.


7. My alien pencil case given by Vicky and Dan (?) some time back


8. New red felt notebook for the new year given by James


9. Red handbag that I love but have yet to find an opportunity to use in ulu land.


10. Finally, Christmas wrappers still rolled up meaning that I've yet to wrap Christmas pressies!!!!


My desk is in a mess and still in a mess even after I clear it… but yep, a snippet into my daily life these days.


Btw, can you guess my fav colour? :) What's on your desk?

2 Responses to “Desk mess”

  1. Steph Says:

    RED !
    And what mess ?!!!! That's how a desk is supposed to look like what !
    At least you have your own space and a desk of your own !
    Mine is the kitchen counter !

  2. AiLing Says:

    Haha ya true, am thankful for a place for make a mess….. donno how come can accumulate so much over two years…

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