Nap nap time


Levi is now sleep trained! Woo hoo!


We've been patting him to sleep but he's getting heavier and I can feel the effect on my neck and lower back. No good. It was also taking longer and longer to pat him to sleep for his naps. So James suggested to try sleep training him. I was planning to wait till after my parents leave to do it because things will change again when they come.


But a few nights ago, I accidentally sleep trained him. I was real tired, even after I fed him, he still didn't fall asleep. Normally at bedtime, he'll fall asleep after feeding and he'll continue sleeping when I put him down. But he didn't this time so I just left him awake and left the room. And he fell asleep on his own, no crying! So I thought I'll try again the next day.


Consecutively for a few naps, he cried for 30 mins (I almost gave up at this point, I'm terrible at this, James kept me to it), next nap 20 mins and next nap 10 mins and then since then, he hardly cries when I put him down and falls asleep on his own! Brilliant!


So the little one now goes down for his naps and bedtime with his sleeping bag, 2 rounds of Jesus Loves Me and I'll say "Nap nap time", big kiss and down he goes.


Yay! No need to pat him to sleep anymore! Now just need to figure why he keeps waking in the night. He's really strange. One night he sleeps for 6 hrs straight and next night he wakes every 2 hrs! Very strange. We'll see how it goes tonight.


UPDATE: Woo hoo! Last night, after putting him to bed at 7pm, he only woke up to fed at 11pm, 2am and then 7.30am! YAY!!!!! Hopefully this continues and soon he'll drop the 2am one and just wake up a bit earlier. That I can deal with. For the first time in 3 months I woke up in the morning feeling like I actually slept in the night. I figured out the problem – when he stirs and cries, I almost immediately go pick him up to feed. He woke up at 4am again crying and this time I left him and he went back to sleep after a few mins and the crying was not too loud. Then he stirred at 6.30am but I just left him and finally I cannot tahan, needed to feed him so at 7.30 when he stirred again, I fed him. Praying that it'll continue like this. It's a bit harder to sleep train when he sleeps in the same room.

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  1. Hilde Says:

    Good to read your blog and see yo uare doing fine. Facinating this sleep-training times. Lukas has the same rutines as Levi except from the 2 a.m. meal. It is wonderful to not have 2 feedings in the middle of the night anymore. But he wakes up quite a few times still where we just need to give him his dummy…hope this will end soon.
    How is Sophie handeling to be a big sister and having to share the attention? Naomi has always been very considerate towards Lukas, but had a hard time with us, asking for help more than what she actualy needed it etc…But now I am glad that she is herself again. still it is something we find we always need to be aware of and sensitive to -playtime and focused atention is SO important. (Learned a lot about that on our FMS 😀 )

  2. AiLing Says:

    Haha ya Sophie is the same… needs the focused attention and eye contact and she’s fine. But I’m thankful to God that Levi is a relatively easy going child and he’s taken to changes pretty well. We’re now preparing for the next FMS, this is our 3rd one since the sch we did together! Time really really flies ya? And we’ve both got 2 kids now :) Pray that the Lord will bless you guys in the year ahead! Hugs from us.

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