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Nap nap time


Levi is now sleep trained! Woo hoo!


We've been patting him to sleep but he's getting heavier and I can feel the effect on my neck and lower back. No good. It was also taking longer and longer to pat him to sleep for his naps. So James suggested to try sleep training him. I was planning to wait till after my parents leave to do it because things will change again when they come.


But a few nights ago, I accidentally sleep trained him. I was real tired, even after I fed him, he still didn't fall asleep. Normally at bedtime, he'll fall asleep after feeding and he'll continue sleeping when I put him down. But he didn't this time so I just left him awake and left the room. And he fell asleep on his own, no crying! So I thought I'll try again the next day.


Consecutively for a few naps, he cried for 30 mins (I almost gave up at this point, I'm terrible at this, James kept me to it), next nap 20 mins and next nap 10 mins and then since then, he hardly cries when I put him down and falls asleep on his own! Brilliant!


So the little one now goes down for his naps and bedtime with his sleeping bag, 2 rounds of Jesus Loves Me and I'll say "Nap nap time", big kiss and down he goes.


Yay! No need to pat him to sleep anymore! Now just need to figure why he keeps waking in the night. He's really strange. One night he sleeps for 6 hrs straight and next night he wakes every 2 hrs! Very strange. We'll see how it goes tonight.


UPDATE: Woo hoo! Last night, after putting him to bed at 7pm, he only woke up to fed at 11pm, 2am and then 7.30am! YAY!!!!! Hopefully this continues and soon he'll drop the 2am one and just wake up a bit earlier. That I can deal with. For the first time in 3 months I woke up in the morning feeling like I actually slept in the night. I figured out the problem – when he stirs and cries, I almost immediately go pick him up to feed. He woke up at 4am again crying and this time I left him and he went back to sleep after a few mins and the crying was not too loud. Then he stirred at 6.30am but I just left him and finally I cannot tahan, needed to feed him so at 7.30 when he stirred again, I fed him. Praying that it'll continue like this. It's a bit harder to sleep train when he sleeps in the same room.

Levi: 3 months old

The two faces of our little one.. actually the one on the right would have made a great passport pic!

Our baby boy is 3 months old!


I'm not sure how heavy he is now (he was 6.5kg before we left for V2) but he's definitely big! Everywhere we went in Vanuatu, they went "fat fat, fat fat". They didn't mean it in a mean way but it's their way of saying teasing a big cute baby in their culture. Even in NZ, the people say he's big so I guess even compared to a kiwi baby, he's big! One thing for sure, there's no hiding him discreetly when I'm breastfeeding him or carrying him in a sling (which we don't use anymore coz he's just too heavy).


He's a talker. Seriously. If you think Sophie can talk at 4 yrs old, you shd see Levi at 3 months! He'll keep talking non-stop if you keep talking to him. Super cute! He makes all these sounds that makes me go "awwww….". If he's crying, we just have to engage his eye contact and try to talk to him, he'll eventually stop! It's like he just needs to be listened to. He's usually quite easy to be calmed down, unless he's way past his bedtime. Ok I will never understand how 2 parents who don't talk a lot ended up with 2 children that are so talkative!


He's sleeping a bit better in the night now but it varies from night to night. Once in V2, he did a 7 hr sleep stretch… but only once. Most nights he still wakes every 3-4 hrs to feed. I'm hoping he'll do a 5 hr stretch soon coz it's really testing my ability to keep sane during the day with a super inquisitive and active 4 yr old and 3 month old that needs to be patted to sleep.


I still can't believe 3 months have just flown by. It's really such a blessing to have Levi. Having a boy is such a different experience. Very cool. I'm really thankful.




Sorry for the slow down in posts. We came back on Wednesday and have been readjusting to being home.


But main reason why I've been a little more busy is because the little one caught an skin infection while in Vanuatu. He's alright and it's starting to heal. However, it's infectious so I've gotta take care to wash all his stuff separately and keep changing his sheets. The doc prescribed both local and oral antibiotics.


He's been a bit more grouchy but still coping pretty well. Thank God that he's good at taking his meds, not too fussy there.


Please keep us in prayer. Very heart pain to see him like that. Will update more soon!

Summer Tees


A special shout out to our good friends Es and Sue before I forget.



Funny how it arrived just in time for the trip! I realised I didn't have much summer clothes for Levi and also they were just the right size (3-6 mths). It's so comfy and easy to wear and of course, uber trendy! Thanks heaps. Save me from washing everyday!

P/s: Levi is 11 months weeks old today and just before we left, the Plunket nurse weighed him. He was 6.48 kg! My arms are aching from having carry and pat him to sleep. When we return, it's time to sleep train! But he's been doing real well, super cute. I think he's in love with me because he bursts into big smiles whenever I look at him. So so so cuteeeeee.


P/s: And yes, this will be my last post for tonight. :)

Being Brave


I'm quite a scardy cat and tend to avoid the hard stuff. But God seems to delight in pushing me to the edge, like what a good Father does. The bible says in James 1: 2-4: "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."


Yesterday I had to do one of the most challenging thing in my life thus far. I had to pack up, drive with two kids up to Auckland n meet James there. It is prob easy for most but it was harder for me for a couple of reasons. One, one of my two kids is a newborn. Two, I only started driving in June. Three, I have never driven long distance to an unknown location without James helping to direct me.

But but but with the grace of God, a praying husband, relatively obedient n independent 4 yr old, a newborn who slept n woke up at the right times, google maps, a kind Shell attendent who directed us when google maps failed to pick up info of a road closure that threw me completely off n finally the familiar M sign that assured us of a familiar menu, toilets, a playground n even changing table. What an adventure! We left at 330 n finally got to the motor lodge at 7. Took a bit longer than usual coz we took a break when we missed a turning and got lost but very glad when we got there.


Thank you Lord and thank you all for praying. I'm writing on the way to V2.

Levi: 2 months old



Our lil chubby chub chub just turned 2 months yesterday!


He's been breaking out into smiles and we're all just trying our best to make him giggle and smile. So very cute. He's been quite easy probably because I'm just taking it easy with him. He's still waking up lots in the night and only sleeping short naps in the day. He's growing real fast. At 8 weeks he weighed 5.8kg and measured 61cm. Everyone keeps teasing that he's outgrowing me!



Sophie's been a great che che (big sister). She helps to rock him when he's whining on the bouncer, get a tissue to clean his drool, turns on music to entertain him when we are busy etc. I think Levi is super blessed to have Sophie as his older sis. Of course there are the times when she runs around the house like big foot when he's sleeping and wakes him up after only being asleep for like 15 mins (Yeeks!), and she hugs the life out of him and jumps on the bed when he's on it but really, they are a great pair. He breaks into big smiles when she goes near him.

When the babies are asleep


We take couple pics n eat sushi.

Levi: 6 weeks old



Little Levi is 6 weeks old! I managed to catch a photo of him smiling. Check out the sticker on his blanket. Sometimes I leave him on the sofa or bouncinette for a while and when I come back, I find stickers on his forehead, his cheeks etc… I wonder who's been sticking them? Hmmmm…. :)


School's out and Sophie's now home with me. Six weeks in, we've somewhat a schedule going. It's not easy to manage both kids esp in the morning when I'm on my own but we're getting there. It works well when Levi is able to nap properly but when he doesn't, then everything goes a bit haywire. Like yesterday, it felt like I was carrying him the whole day coz he just wouldn't nap for long and was crying on and off thru the day. Poor Sophie had to do her own thing most of the time. Thank God these days are few and most days he's pretty predictable.


Levi is quite a predictable kid. Most times, he will wake up right on time to feed. If you start patting him to sleep about 1 and a half hours after waking, it's likely that he'll start feeling drowsy and fall asleep. The only problem is that he doesn't sleep for long. Oh wells, he'll learn eventually I believe.


He's starting to respond with cooing and even laughed a little when I tickled him. Very cute! He's VERY strong and his body is very developed for a 6 wk old. He loves it when he's rocked or moved e.g. he is calmed easily if the pram or car is moving. He wouldn't take the dummy, we thought that'll be a great way to sleep train him like we did with Sophie.


He's doing really well and we're all in love with him, esp Sophie.

Day to Day


Today's outfit: It was cold today so back to turtle necks and tights.

Strawberry Shortcake


A father and daughter afternoon creation

Levi: 5 weeks old



The little one is 5.1kg and 57cm today! Woah! That explains why he's been bursting out of his NB clothes (up to 56cm) and diapers (up to 5kg).


Remember not to buy to much NB sized clothes and diapers! You'll prob only need enough for 3-4 weeks and mostly they'll outgrow them fast. If diapers are on sale, the size to stock up is Infant (4-8kg), not the Newborn ones.

Levi: 1 month



Levi is exactly a month old today.


He's doing really well. He's now 4.7 kg, a whooping 10 lbs! He's outgrown his New Born (NB) sized onesies and is almost bursting out of the Huggies NB sized diapers! I went to buy Infant sized diapers yesterday and by instinct got a pink pack instead of blue. I didn't even realise it until I came home. Even the midwife here commented that he was big. I guess he's big even for babies here.


Some days he's still feeding every 2 – 2 1/2 hours but mostly he's doing 3 hrly feeds. He's sleeping better in the nights but also still waking every 3 hours on good nights to feed.


He's much more alert now and is constantly looking to engage eye contact. I think he likes communicating as much as Sophie.


We're still trying to get used to eating at the dinner hall. If he's sleeping, he tends to cry and wake because of the noise level. But good thing is that everyone is more than happy to take over and carry him. :)