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New Dress



Sophie's into long twirly dresses, like Cinderella.


Thank you Mama and Yeye for this beautiful one. She loves it!

Day to Day

Day to Day


Dress up for DTS 2010 Grad dinner

Day to Day


Day to Day


Today's outfit: It was cold today so back to turtle necks and tights.

Day to Day

Today's outfit: Sophie in her fav dress

Sophie’s Fashion



Sophie's been dressing herself these days and I thought it'll be fun to record her dressing daily as she goes through this phase.


Today's outfit:

Alpaca Wool Sweater: Bought at the A&P show
Tube dress worn as a long skirt: From the market in Vanuatu
Shoes: Pink with ribbons from Warehouse for $4!

Of Strawberry Shortcake and Cinderella



Mama and Yeye, thank you for the Strawberry Shortcake books! Sophie likes them VERY MUCH. She's been reading them everyday.


Sophie is really into Strawberry Shortcake, princesses, dress ups, make up, jewellery and being Cinderella at the moment. I donno how many times we've had to act out the Cinderella scene where she drops her shoe and the prince asks if the shoe belongs to her and they live happily ever after. Btw, she's dropped her shoe on purpose in public many times so that we can reenact this scene! It's super funny!!


She's also been asking me to get her a ballerina outfit! I'm starting to get all influenced and attracted to fairy costumes and frilly frilly things I see on Trademe (an ebay equivalent here)!


Oh my! Oh my! Never thought we'll get here – the day when pink is the only colour on earth.


Thank God she's still wearing what I choose for her to some extent. (Love the tights that the Sept Mums got for Soph! Thanks girls!)

Of Pink Shoes and A Blue Jacket


One of the best thing about being a mum is to dress up your own kid. It’s like having a doll!


Except that when they grow up and decide that PINK SPARKLY SHOES are the prettiest things they’ve ever seen!


Yes we have moved into the dark… no… pink… side.


We went wild at Cotton On Kids in Aus. Sophie is like a Cotton On Kids ad – almost everything she wears esp her casual stuff are from Cotton On. Well, because for 5-10 bucks I get a really decent soft t-shirt with nice prints. There’s NO WAY I can get that kinda price even here in Singapore. Esp not for trendy prints and designs and most importantly, soft.


In the end, we made a compromise. The shoes were 2 pairs for AUS$15 so she got to choose the sparkly pink ones and we chose an understated match everything super practical black pair for everyday use (I wanted blue patent coz I love patent but James says matte black. Alright… :))


On a side note, one of the things I love about coming home is looking through all the stuff that we left behind. It’s like Christmas all over again – oh! I didn’t know I had this/that?. Anyways I found this lovely trendy blue jacket in Sophie’s size and thought that my PILs got them for her BUT then I found out that it belongs to James! And his mum made them! Oh my! They are SO CUTE! Vintage some more… must keep must keep.

Taking pictures


Finally I got Sophie to smile for pictures! But still can’t get her to look at the camera properly… hmmmm…. But she’s looking so cute with her hairclip, facepaint and lovely dress.


Btw, her hairclip and dress are all handmade and bought at markets here in NZ and in Melbourne. Ooo I love handmade things! :)

Sophie & her fav thing at the moment


Sophie is really into dress up so when I saw this at the markets last week, I knew I had to get it for her.


This is her doing her hula dance!


I think if she could, she would want to wear this everyday!

Strawberry Rubber Shoes


This pair of shoes caught my eye when we were shopping. Sophie chose the colour. :) A girl after my own heart….