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Sunday Breakfast


As you know, I’ve been doing a lot more cooking here than ever in my life. No ta bao and big breakfast in town is just too costly for a weekly affair SO I buy the eggs, bacon, make my own pancakes (I actually do this on the go every other morning), cream cheese etc…


Sophie LOVES to help around the kitchen BIG TIME. I must say she’s getting really competent at it. She knows how to crack eggs, bin the rubbish, wash dishes (yes, even glassware), etc etc… I think the next thing I’m going to teach her is to cook on the stove.


Here’s the scrambled eggs that she prepared on her own. I cooked it for her. She chose the plate, insisted on where to put the eggs, blueberries, crispbread (I made these using a recipe I saw in Life & Leisure in NZ) and cream cheese.


Cooking makes her really happy. And thing is, if she cooks it, she eats it. Very good coz she really don’t eat all that well. :)

Christmas Cookies n My lil Helper


I saw a recipe in Women’s Weekly (NZ) and I thot it’ll be fun to make these cookies with Sophie. Well, ours didn’t turn out like the ones in the pictures, sigh, yet again. But but they tasted oh so good and the second batch was prettier than the first. That’s the thing about baking, it gets better and better!


It’s fun roping Sophie in to help.


First, we need to wash the cookie cutters! It’s so hard to find cookie cutters in these parts. Finally I found cheapo ones at the $2 shop and they are great! It’s plastic so I don’t have to worry about Sophie cutting her fingers.


Next make the dough. Soph helped to pour in the stuff but we didn’t take photos coz it’s always pretty messy and sticky to bring out the camera.


And then the fun part, cutting the cookies. Then adding the chocolate sprinkles. Of course she tried at every point to taste :).


Finally we all eat the cookies and give some away to our favourite friends. I love that part about baking, giving away some. So, we’ve stopped buying store cookies and desserts for a while and are happy making our own. I even bought a little red cookie jar to store the cookies. No country kitchen is complete without a cookie jar!

Getting Creative with Food

Cooking the fish that James caught.

For more pictures, click thru to see our flickr site.


Living in HV has spoilt us silly. We could ta bao anything from Sushi Teh, Crystal Jade, Nasi Lemak…… you name it, we had it (I’m drooling now..).


One of the things that we are trying to get used to here is FOOD. We eat breakfast in our units. Lunch and dinner are served communally so there isn’t much choice for food.


It’s not that we don’t like Western food. We love it – the pastas, steaks etc. But Kiwis don’t eat a lot at lunch and dinner here is at 5.30pm! We normally eat sandwiches or pies and salads at lunch. So we get hungry after lunch and by 10pm we are hungry again!?


Sophie hasn’t been eating much because she doesn’t really eat pies, fries, potatoes and all the raw veggies (which btw has been really good for us). But I was surprised to see that she started to eat raw onions and lettuce today!


Anyways, we started to get creative about our meals on the weekends because the school provides us with ingredients in the morning for our lunch and the kitchen is closed for lunch on the weekends. It’s mostly for sandwiches. So we get tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cheese/hard boiled eggs.


On Fri, James went fishing with one of the staff and they caught a trout! So on Sat, we cooked it for lunch. Steamed fish with soya sauce! We used all the tomatoes, and onions for the fish instead! I bought a microwavable mug and cooked rice in it! So we had fish and rice. WAH SHIOK! The fish was so sweet…….. yummmmmms!


Today, we cooked an omelette with all the ingredients – onions, tomatoes, cheese and Sophie had that with some shell pasta I cooked in the microwave. She helped to cook the omelette. It’s a fun thing to do. I simply cracked the eggs and cut up the veggies and she helped mix everything and stir it.


Actually although we would love to eat like we do at home, we are actually quite ok with it coz James and I are quite chin chai people. It’s Sophie that we are worried about coz she hasn’t been eating much. But I think she’s adjusting coz seems like most of the other babies are not eating much too, just fruits and bread. We’ll see…


P/s The post above was written on Sunday. On Monday Sophie had a virus that made her throw up. She was down the whole day and got better today. All the kids got it last week. We thought it would pass us but Sophie finally caught it too. But she’s much better now. She’s been drinking and just sleeping lots. Also thank God that one of the students in our school is a PD!




The cell kids played with cookie dough yesterday and out came these marvelous creations! Wanz made the dough and even Sophie got to use the moulds, add chocolate chips and M&Ms. She loved it! The best part? EATING THEM!



Look at how happy she was!! Her favourite were the chocolate chip ones. We brought some home and she’s been happily eating them too. Wanz made some coconut milkshake for the kids too. Sophie loved that too! Such a treat to have a friend who is a good cook!



I decided to cook lunch today.


I’ve been so busy that we’ve been eating out, ordering in or eating packet food most days. I went marketing today so I bought some pork n made sweet sour pork, a fav comfort food of mine. Sophie had steamed pork ribs with veggies. I added in more water so she had some soup too. This girl has too much Cantonese blood in her. She asks for soup at every meal. Yummy.

Sophie’s Breakfast


A mummy asked for ideas for babies’ breakfast. Since I replied her via email, I might as well post abt this since I’ve gotten so lazy in posting.


Few months back, Sophie has weaned herself (argh!) off those gooey baby cereal. I don’t blame her. I could never bring myself to taste it.


Breakfast now includes a cup of milk (120 ml) + one of the following:

1. Milk + cornflakes (Classic) + Fruit after
2. Yogurt + Fruit (Fresh/Dried) + Crushed Cornflakes
3. Bread + Cheese (OR jam – I started giving low sugar cherry jam, spread little little) + Fruit on the side (SEE PICTURE ABOVE)
4. Muesli (Heinz) + Milk/Yogurt + Fruit (Fresh/Dried) (Originally, she didn’t take the muesli but recently, i made it less thick and she eats it.)
5. Egg sandwich + Fruit after (Hard boiled egg mashed + a bit of mayo & spread it on a slice of bread – just tried this. She finished one slice of bread, not bad. Alternatively, just chop up the egg & chop up the bread & let them self feed – same thing right? Into the stomach it goes.)


I find that putting her food on different plates and bowls excite me, hopefully it excites her to eat too! :) For this breakfast, she is eating toast with cheese spread & nectarine, arranged nicely on a bright yellow coloured ikea plate (you can buy 6 of those for like $2.90 at ikea – red, blue, green, pink… cool lah).

I love bread!


Sophie LOVES bread!

Soup for my babies


I’ve been busy making soup. The weather has been quite cold lately and it’s just nice to have hot heartwarming soup. Plus Sophie hasn’t been keen on porridge (I really don’t blame her) so rice with soup is great!


I made pumpkin soup for lunch and zucchini and watercress soup for dinner.


It’s really SO simple to make. I premade chicken soup/stock yesterday and froze them. Just needed to fry garlic & onions with unsalted butter, put in the veg and the stock, blend and voila – SOUP! For the zucchini and watercress soup, I just stirred in the bunch of watercress after the zucchini is soft, turn off the fire, let it simmer and then blend. Zilch salt, zilch sugar. Pure veg.


I’ve always known watercress to be really good for health but never really knew how. Did some research and found out that it’s a superfood! Full of vitamins and minerals. It’s a bit of an acquired taste but everyone in the family loves it. Read more about that here.


Sophie kept asking for more. In fact, she finished most of the pumpkin soup, including what I left for James. He got only two spoonfuls.


Great to know that both my babies are well fed. Makes me feel so good.

Sophie loves her fruits!

This season has been bananas, papayas, nectarines, plums, kiwifruit, grapes and watermelon. She loves them!

Day Out with Mama and Yeye


We spent the whole of Saturday with Mama and Yeye.


First we went to Adam Road Hawker Center for the shiok shiok prawn noodles. Sophie had a cream bun, without the cream bien sur!


After that, we went to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. But it was raining so we headed to Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden to kill some time before our lunch appointment. It was still drizzling a little but at least we got to see the Bonsai Garden that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. I always miss it coz we get there quite late. It’s only opened in the daytime. It’s so pretty.



After that we met the rest of the family for lunch at the Tung Lok restaurant at Jurong. The food was so good and everyone was happily entertaining Sophie that I got to eat and forgot to take pictures. But we took some at the end of it with Uncle Norman + Auntie Serene and Auntie Wendy, James’ cousins.



After lunch, we headed to The Expo for the Metro Big Sale. Nothing much there BUT … Sophie had her first meal from a restaurant. We ordered porridge for her. We were running late, too close to dinner and nowhere nearby we could find a supermarket. So we had dinner at Macau Express. Fish porridge. It was too watery, she didn’t eat very much. Like my friend June said, Sophie likes her food "gao" (thick). Yep, with substance, not watery.



That ended our very long but really enjoyable day out.


Drinking from a cup


Sophie’s been wanting to drink from our glasses when we’re out. So I decided to let her drink from a cup and she LOVES it!


Look at her! hahah… the glee when she gets a cup. Sometimes it spills if she holds it on her own so normally I’ll hold it for her. But this lil one demands to hold it on her own… and she’ll scream if i take it away. Ah…. oh wells, I still take it away. Hahaha…

Our latest hangout place


Guess where we were again today? FORUM! Hahaha… James had a meeting at Palais Renaissance so we went down town together.


Took Sophie to the playground again. It was less crowded today and I managed to capture some pics with my new phone. Not very good pics but still pics. :) It’s so good lah, indoor, aircon!!!! The weather is just too crazy to be outdoors. I know I love nature n all but still……


From left: Daddy teaching Sophie how to drive, Sophie getting confident being in the pool of balls with bigger kids, Sophie driving on her own, Sophie having a lemon moment.


Yes, James gave Sophie a wedge of lemon. She loved it! She’s really one adventurous eater. We decided to let her self feed at the restaurant so we could have dinner together, much to the amusement of the waitresses. I felt so bad coz the floor was so dirty after but they were so nice about it! Thumbs up for Genki Sushi at Forum. Love the waitresses.


Yep, needless to say, we stopped at our fav ELC.