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I understand k?

Ok… the Chinese lessons are definitely working.


Twice I caught myself trying to tell James something over Sophie's head in Chinese, hoping that she didn't understand and each time she did.


Just a few days ago, I told James in Chinese, "Don't give her too much ice cream, just a little will do" and immediately Sophie looked up at me and said back in Chinese "No! More!"…. sigh… gone are the days we can talk "behind her back"!


Need to find a new language! :) :)

Of Strawberry Shortcake and Cinderella



Mama and Yeye, thank you for the Strawberry Shortcake books! Sophie likes them VERY MUCH. She's been reading them everyday.


Sophie is really into Strawberry Shortcake, princesses, dress ups, make up, jewellery and being Cinderella at the moment. I donno how many times we've had to act out the Cinderella scene where she drops her shoe and the prince asks if the shoe belongs to her and they live happily ever after. Btw, she's dropped her shoe on purpose in public many times so that we can reenact this scene! It's super funny!!


She's also been asking me to get her a ballerina outfit! I'm starting to get all influenced and attracted to fairy costumes and frilly frilly things I see on Trademe (an ebay equivalent here)!


Oh my! Oh my! Never thought we'll get here – the day when pink is the only colour on earth.


Thank God she's still wearing what I choose for her to some extent. (Love the tights that the Sept Mums got for Soph! Thanks girls!)

Devonport – Checking out the goodies


Sophie has a soft spot for sweets – cakes, ice cream, hot chocolate, candies etc……….. ok pretty much just like any other kid.


P/s I love this pic, check out the waitress laughing at her. During our stay in Auckland, we took a ferry to Devonport, a little seaside village. Very quaint and pretty. Here’s where we stopped for lunch.

Jesus is with me

Our conversation this morning when I went to get Sophie when she woke up:


Sophie: Mummy you outside?


Me: Yes I’m always outside waiting for you to wake up k? You don’t have to be scared when you sleep. (She sleeps in her own room)


Sophie: Jesus is with me? (ok she said something to this effect. I can’t rem her exact words)


Me: (Wow!) Yes yes! Jesus is in your heart and you don’t have to be scared.


That really really made my day! Last night we read about the Lost Sheep, about how God loves us so much, He would do anything to look for us, even dramatised it by looking for her sheep. We ended off the night singing


"Be bold Be Strong

For the Lord thy God is with you

I am not afraid

No no no

I am not dismayed

Coz I’m walking in faith and victory

For the Lord thy God is with you"


She remembered!



Journey to the Loo


As a mum of an almost 2 year old, I gotta say toilet training has gotta be the most difficult thing to do so far! Worse than sleep training. Ok maybe they are on par. I think I am managing better with cleaning up pee and poo compared to sitting outside the room listening to Sophie cry. But as with everything else, it’s so shiok once they are done with the training! It’s all worth it!


Ok I’m going to share how we did it but I do not in anyway recommend what we did simply coz I’m so haphazard. I read a couple (ok.. just 2) of books and anything that was more than a chapter long, I junked it. How can anyone read or even write a whole book on potty training?!? I found one which i liked (Toddlerwise by Gary Ezzo) and used my gut feel as we went along.


Erm… I need to admit, we didn’t start toilet training because Sophie showed any signs that she was ready e.g running to hide when she need to do a poo/pee, etc. I started because i wanted her to be toilet trained by the time we went on our trip. The only sign I had was that she was dry most days during her naptime. I thought that was a pretty good sign that she could control her bladder. How did I know? She bathes before she naps so she always had on a clean diaper and I checked once she woke up. That meant that she could hold her bladder for at least 2 hrs.


Here’s how I see it in stages:


Stage 1 – Introduction to the Potty

Sophie refused to have anything to do with the potty when we first started. I’m not sure how she developed a phobia for it but I’m quite sure it was a phobia. We had to bribe her with stickers, then it progressed to marshmallows, then to Yakult! Terrible ah? But since it was suggested by the book, I thought I’d try it and it worked like magic! After a day or so, she was willing to sit on it.


Stage 2 – Business in the Potty on my demand

Once she was willing to sit on the potty, I quickly moved onto training pants/shorts sans diapers through the day. We made it a point to stay home for 2-3 days in a row. But I couldn’t tahan and our training became adhoc. I think this was my mistake but I cannot stay home for too long cleaning up after Sophie. We decided to just take it slow.

I would make her go on the potty every 1/2 hr to 1 hr. If she peed in potty, she got a reward (one of those mentioned above). And after a while, whenever I put her on the potty, she peed. Once she was ok with it, we dropped the rewards.

Ok here’s when it got complicated coz I think I started too early. She didn’t know how to tell me she needed to go for at least 3 weeks so if I wasn’t paying attention, I’d had to clean up her accidents thru the day. At this point, I almost gave up. But there was a breakthrough in about wk 4. SO LONG!


Stage 3 – Business in the Potty when she needs to

Suddenly she started telling me that she needed to pee. She just got it! Patience really paid off in this case. Once she told me she wanted to "she she" and I brought her to the toilet and she said "no no I want sushi!" No wonder! Normally she says "pee pee" not "she she". Once she started telling me, it was so much easier.


Stage 4 – Business in the Toilet Bowl using a toddler seat

I thought we would have difficulty here like how we had to convince her to use the potty but she was totally fine. She transitted to using the toilet bowl in a day. I think it’s coz it’s a novelty to flush the toilet and Maisy does it too. The constant reference to cartoon characters/books helped.


Stage 5 – Diaper free out of the house

Once she was ok with it, we tried going out without diapers. She also did very well here. She told us when she had to go and she was ok going on the toilet bowl even without the seat.

We have done this for a few days already and so far so good! Yay!


Stage 6 – Staying dry thru the night

We’ll leave this for when she is developmentally ready, prob closer to 3 or older.


All in all, I’m really thankful even though it was painful month of endless washing and cleaning, I’m SOOOOOOO glad we’re quite done with it. So glad you cannot imagine. :)

Our Lil Busker


Our emo babe is all ready to busk. She brought out her microphone and guitar and started singing. I added in the drum and a litlle pail for the $$. Hiak :)


A gig for Sophie anyone?

Cats and Chalk


Sophie and I had a great time this morning at our retro neighbourhood.


She enjoys lying on the ground, prob replicating what we do the whole day at home…. lying around doing nothing whole day. She’ll lie down to draw with her chalk, lie down to sayang (pet) the cat.


It was amazing watching her interact with a stray cat. Everyone who knows me well enough know that I cringe when animals come close. Btw, while Sophie was petting and hugging and at one point kissing! (Ya! I almost screamed at her!) the cat, I was about 1 m away taking photos. She loved the cat and the cat loved her. It was very sweet to watch her.


(Funny how her little bag has a cat on it too, I just realised)

A mobile generation


When I took this photo, I meant to take a photo of her top! I got it for 5 bucks at Song n Son (next to BK at HV). Love the little frills on the collar.


But when I realised what she was doing, she just looks so pro at this phone thing doesn’t she? Btw, she’s fully capable of a phone conversation now, give her a call? She’ll prob say "Hello!", "hmmm… ok", "can do", "hmmm… i think so"…. just like us. Super funny.

What’s our lil one been up to?

Left: Thrilled to bits with a little fruit she picked up. Calls it papaya.

Right: She’s still not totally stable when she walks. With the slope, she almost lost her balance. Thank God James caught her.


Monday was a public holiday (like as if that makes any difference to us?!!?). But we thought we’ll take the chance to enjoy the fact the Holland Village is at our doorstep and make our way out for breakfast. Most of the time we just take it for granted. :( It turned out REALLY nice. We had our little corner at Crystal Jade and had a leisure yum cha (dim sum) right up till lunch time. Sophie ate everything we ate (I love THIS stage!). The only problem was that she kept finishing my barley drink before I could get to it.



After her nap (long one!), we went for Chris’ birthday party! He turned 6. Can’t believe I’ve been a godma for 6 years! He’s going to Primary 1 next year! Oh my. He’s such a sweet boy and Sophie loves to play with him. Even with all his friends around, he still took time to come hug and check on Sophie. He is in my opinion the sweetest 6 yr old boy. :)


Sophie n George

Runaway gal

The funniest thing happened yesterday.


Sophie ran away from home!


I left her in her room after changing her, took her diaper to the back to dispose. Little did I know, James came home, went to his computer on the dining table and left the gate open coz we were all going out in like a few mins. I came out and I saw the gate open and Sophie nowhere to be found! Looked out of the door and there I saw Sophie – she crawled to the neighbour’s house (the one on our right) and was playing with her shoes! The neighbour’s shoes! I really didn’t know how long she was gone for and what she did (like lick the shoes?!) BUT I quickly picked her up and took her home.


OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO funny and slightly scary. And all this time, she looked so pleased with herself. :)



Yesterday was full of funny things.


I was at Central shopping on my own, waiting to have dinner with a few friends. I walked into a shop and was all ready to try a cool pair of denim AND I saw an old friend. He apparently knew the owners of the shop and we all started talking. After a while, I decided to go try the jeans and then I realised it might be too small but thot I’ll just try it anyway. So I tried. I broke the belt holding thingy (what is it called?!?) on the jeans while trying to pull it up pass my new improved child bearing hips! OOPS! So pai seh (embarassing!)! My friend was just outside and it was a small shop! Argh!!!!! Anyways to cut the long story short, they were really nice abt it and said it was ok. I bought something else coz I felt SO BAD. (Note to self – get a size bigger, I’m not quite the same size anymore!)

Silent Laugh

Woo hoo! I finally got down to figuring out how to load on youtube. Ok ok i know very slow me but at least i finally did it k? This is our fav so far. This is hyper Sophie after watching Cars. See what I mean? Over stimulated? She did this for a really long time before we finally took her for a bath and put her to bed. Hahaha…

Btw, the last part? She was looking into her bumbo seat for the crumbs, leftover from her dinner. Greedy little one we have… :)