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Sophie is 2 years 11 months old!


Dearest Sophie,


You are turning 3 next month! Wow!


You’ve grown so much the past month! Now you want to do almost everything by yourself. Your song of the month is "I can do, there’s nothing to it, I can do it by myself!" (Barney soundtrack). :)


Here’s you with your new toys that Mama and Yeye sent you all the way from Singapore!


Happy 3 years old soooooooooon!



Sophie is 2 years 10 months old

Dearest Sophie,


We’re back in Matamata. Most things are familiar to you and you’re settling in really well! Time is passing fast and you’re turning 3 in 2 months!


Happy 2 yrs and 10 months!



Sophie is 2 years and 9 months old

Sophie and her godbro, Chris having breakfast. She’ll do whatever he does. :) He’s 7.


Dearest Sophie,


You’ve really been enjoying yourself being back here in Singapore the past month. You’re enjoying your grandparents’ love and attention, loving the food and hanging out with your old friends.


Some things that you’re going through this season:-


You’re going thru this funny stage when you are quite reluctant to say hi or bye to strangers and even look at them but you generally warm up after a while. It’s generally hard to get you to do things that you don’t wanna do unless we spent time talking to you way before hand. Oh and you don’t like us to talk loudly or laugh loudly with our friends.


You are not fussy about the clothes you wear and will wear what I choose but………….. shoes……….. oh that’s a different matter altogether…… :) You love your shoes and so far, we noticed that you are able to match them to your clothes! Haha!


You really love animals and are very gentle with them. You love to cuddle them, touch them and feed them. I hope at some point we can have a dog although that will be a great breakthru for mummy. But daddy and I think you’ll do well with a doggy so you can read this a few years later and make a claim for it. :)


You love babies too. Every chance you have, you’ll want to cuddle or hold them.


You love to sing and here are some videos (1 Sophie Singing Jesus Loves The Little Children in 3 Languages, 2 Sophie Singing On the Streets of China) to remember that in the future. You make up songs to familiar tunes and are starting to tell stories!


Here is the first story you made up entirely on your own and told me (5th June) –


Kulios the bear, jump jump jump, on orange juice muddy puddles, went home to tell his mummy that he jumped on the puddles and thump thump thump. Mummy said you can jump on the puddles.


So cute lah! It probably all started in Vanuatu when you got tired of listening to Jesus Loves Me before you sleep and started asking for songs about coconuts and flowers and Daddy and I had to make up songs and stories.


You are also starting to imitate our long prayers. Here’s your longest one on your own thus far (this is roughly what you said, not word for word): –


Dear Jesus, I pray for Auntie Wan Lin. Protect her. Please bless her. When she is in matamata. Help her. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


We’re praying that the Lord will raise you up to be a mighty prayer warrior. Remember that the Lord listens to you and He will answer your prayers and talk to you.


Learning wise, Mummy hasn’t spent much time teaching you your ABCs and 123s in the past few months but we’ve no doubt you’ll catch up. You can’t really recognise the alphabets at this point. You are able to count up to about 6 things now but struggle to recognise the numbers. Funny to hear you negotiating with us when we say "Only 2." and you say "3?". Oooo your conversational Mandarin has improved leaps and bounds since we’ve been to China! You’re able to speak in sentences now. Very simple but we’re very happy about that. You’ve got a good grip on the pencil and I think you are able to some tracing soon. So fun!


It’s been great fun growing with you and teaching you about life. Our prayer is that you will grow to love people and learn to serve and care for them as your heavenly Father does. May the Lord widen your heart little one.



Sophie is 2 yrs and 8 mths old


Dearest Sophie,


I can’t believe that you’re almost three!


Mummy was observing you on the plane on the way back to Singapore from Auckland and you seemed to have become such a big girl all of a sudden. You were wearing jeans, sitting upright in your own seat, one knee up resting against the table, earphones on, watching the TV show of your choice…. amazing. Pity I forgot to snap a picture.


Happy turning one month older sweets! We love you so much!



Sophie is 2 years and 7 mths old!

Dearest Sophie,


Oh our little darling girl. Someone commented that you are like a little 2 year old turning 10. It’s amazing to see how much you grow each month, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.


We’ve just arrived in Vanuatu a week ago and it seems like you’ve settled in pretty well. You are eating well, actually much better than back in NZ, maybe coz the food is similar to what you get back in Singapore e.g rice/root vegetables with dishes plus lotsa fruits. You are sleeping relatively ok, sometimes you get up in the night either with a nightmare or sometimes you are just feeling itchy. It’s been really hot and it’s so hard to keep you clean all the time. But still, we are really proud of how you are adjusting.


We have been really tickled at how you are picking up the Bislama language and making the locals laugh at your attempts to speak it and also how you are willing to sit in the pram which happens to be in a terrible condition and be dragged in it over potholes and mud.


Oh it’s really so hard to keep you clean and prim and proper in the village but thank you for showing us how to live and be content in every situation.


Thank you for being our wonderful little girl and thank you for being so loving and willing to share (ok at least 50% of the time, hiak!) with the little ones around. We are so proud of you and we love you no matter what!



Sophie is 2 and a half years old!


Dearest Sophie,


Precious little one, you are growing so fast that soon we don’t have to count your age by months but by years!


The past month you’ve started to make more sense in your scribbles and sketches and we are starting to realise that you are very creative and very good with your hands (just like Daddy!). It’s so exciting to see that development coz it’s really entertaining to hear your thoughts that go on in that little big head of yours.


You are not singing as much as you used to, maybe because I’m not home with you that much these days but still you will sing our conversations and make up tunes. I love it when you do that! It’s so cute and funny!


Your fav thing to do these few days is spending lots of time at the sand pit. You’ll hang around with the bigger boys as they dig trenches and build sandcastles. It’s so nice to see them being so sweet and gentle with you. Even when you get in their way, they just lift you up and put you somewhere else without being mean about it. It’s great that you are learning to play with different kids of different ages. Sometimes some are quite mean to you but it’s part of growing up and you’ve been pretty forgiving most times.


It’s cool to see how you are becoming more kiwi, ok, maybe not so cool to your grandparents BUT…. you are enjoying the outdoors so much! And you are happily walking around barefoot and have mastered most of the slopes and stairs around the compound. Hiak! Ok but at least no slang. Still talking like a Singaporean, like us. But you’ve picked up some Swedish.


This is a real precious time and I pray that it will have a significant impact on your life. Keep on growing!


Love lots

Sophie is 29 months

Dearest Sophie,


You turned 29 mths today.


You’ve grown much over the past month since we’ve been in NZ.


You’ve settled well in daycare and have become familiar with the routine of going to daycare. Your teachers say that you love your books and are always getting them to read to you. You are totally enjoying the space and freedom to do different things everyday! Once you even got to play with spaghetti, just for the fun of it. 


Friends mean a lot to you and you care for them a lot. You enjoy their company and if we gave you the choice, you’d love to hang around your friends all the time! You are very sensitive to what your friends think of you even at a young age. You are a very perceptive little one. But that also means that you are very sensitive to them and I love how you are so gentle with Naomi and I can really see that you treasure her as your friend.


You are starting to express your feelings and tell us about your day. Today you said that you felt really bad about making your friend sad because you accidently cut up her toy. You didn’t say so many words but you did tell us the story and said you felt really bad.


You are finally learning your alphabets and Mummy has discovered that you are a very tactile learner! Looking at worksheets with letter N on it has no effect on you but give you a large cut up letter N to carry around all day long and it worked!


You are a really special girl and Mummy and Daddy love watching you grow. It’s so fun being with you.


Sophie is 28 months

Dearest Sophie,


We’ve just moved to New Zealand a week ago. You have adapted very well. It’s like as if you’ve been here all your life! You are such a village girl! The only two things that you are still adjusting to are going to daycare and the food.


You generally enjoy daycare because all your friends are there but you don’t like us to leave you there. It has been very heart wrenching to leave you but we know that you will adapt in time and you will start to understand that this is part of growing up and it is good for you.


You love all your friends. It makes us so happy to see you so happy playing. It’s always hard to pull you away from your friends. You love going to their houses and following them around. You have no problems at all making new friends, even if they don’t speak your language. You prefer older kids and little babies. You tend to be shy with adults and a little competitive with kids your age unless you knows them well.


You are very articulate and communicate very well. Sometimes I forget that you are only two. You speak to the older kids at their level, e.g. “Mateos, you like to play in the trampoline with me?” They are all very amused by you and always like to play with you because you entertain them with all the silly things you say and do.


More and more you are certain of what you want – what kind of food for breakfast, what you want to do, where you want to go etc. I stopped trying to figure what you want for breakfast coz you’ll just go to the fridge and take out whatever you want to eat. You’ll even look thru the promotions pages with me and tell me which toy you want!


However when you don’t get your way, you resort to whining and that has been something that we are working on getting rid off. Sometimes it just feels like you are saying no to us the whole day!


But for the first time ever, you and I held hands and walked for a while, willingly. Most days you would refuse to hold my hands and go for a stroll, preferring to run instead.


You are really enjoying all the activities e.g jumping on the trampoline, climbing etc. It’s great to see you having so much fun. I think NZ is really good for you and I’m glad we are here.




Sophie is 27 mths


Dearest Sophie,


You are now 27 mths and you can still sit in your bumbo. That is amazing because most of your friends outgrew theirs long time ago. :)


This month you have been spending a lot of time with your Mama and Yeye and as a result picking up more Mandarin. You can now recite Tang poems like Chuang Qian Ming Ye Guang (Bed Front Got Moonlight… hahaha) and offered to teach me. I can’t believe it – you are two and you already are better than me in this area. :)


You stayed over at your grandparents’ for the first time this month. I’m glad to see you enjoying that. It’s hard to let you go but we know that it is a necessary part of growing up. And we know your grandparents on both sides are DEFINITELY ENJOYING IT! :) I love hearing their stories about how you are with them – sometimes it makes us laugh and sometimes it makes us proud.


Your current fav foods are Century Egg Porridge (Pei Tan Juok), donuts, yakult, Auntie Genie’s mushroom and minced meat pasta (You actually go over and ask Auntie Gin if we’re having lunch there), peanut butter sandwiches, pancakes, etc….. argh you have a sweet tooth just like me. WHICH MAKES ME SUPER GLAD THAT YOU FINALLY ENJOY BRUSHING YOUR TEETH! With toothpaste and you can spit! Woo hoo!


It really doesn’t matter that the only alphabets you recognize are M and O (which coincidentally spells Mommy’s hanyu pinyin surname Mo!?!), or you can’t tell 1 from 4 from 10, or wear your shoes by yourself. What matters is that you are growing well and healthy in body, mind and spirit. For that we are so thankful.


We love you dear one.



Sophie is 26 mths old


Dearest Sophie,


You are such a treasure at 2 years and 2 months old. Sometimes I’m lost for words to describe you because you are so many things at the same time.


This is what you’re like now
– You have a certain routine for sleeping – your pillow needs to be in the right direction, bolster in place and the blanket needs to cover your face slightly. Even your baby needs the correct blankie for her nap.
– You love pancakes. You love watching me cook and preparing food. You like to stir your own milk or whatever else I’m stirring.
– You love to run in circles and it always makes you laugh.
– You can be very insistent on your ways. Some days it can be very hard to make you do anything at all.
– You dislike holding hands when we are walking, preferring to run ahead or walk slowly behind us.
– You love stories in whatever media – books, audio, acting or TV. And you love it when mummy tells you Baby Sophie stories as you snuggle in my arms.
– You love to sing and make music and pick up songs very fast. You even make up your own songs.
– You love playing house and being a mummy to your baby. These days you can pick up your toys and play with them for a long while on your own making up stories and all.
– You are getting stronger physically and definitely a lot more confident at the playgrounds. You can even lift your entire box of duplo into the living room to play with!
– You are starting to draw circles and sometimes you can tell me what they are e.g. balloons, strawberries etc..


And of course you are extremely conversant and it’s super fun talking to you. It touches our hearts most to see you put your hands together and hear you pray – "Pls help mummy feel better. Amen"


Psalm 127: 3-5 says this:

"Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him.

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
are sons born in one’s youth.

Blessed is the man
whose quiver is full of them.
They will not be put to shame
when they contend with their enemies in the gate."


How true it is. You are our treasure and our reward, little one. The Lord has really blessed us with a wonderful you.



Sophie is 2 years and 1 mth old!


Dearest Sophie darling,


So sorry I almost forgot that you turned 25 mths old two days ago! We’ve been so busy with our holidays that we forgot. :)


At 25 mths, this photo really shows who you are. Absolutely cheeky, fun loving, sometimes random, sometimes super emotional, sometimes extremely naughty and rebellious.


It’s been great getting to know you more over the holidays, spending every moment of the day with you. It’s real precious time. There were tough days where Daddy and I wondered if we would ever get thru it coz you kept saying no to everything we said. But there were good days where we wished it’ll not end. Today was one such day.


Sleep well dear one. We love you very much and may you know that deep in your heart.



Sophie at 2


Sophie at 2 is


– gregarious
She absolutely adores company and of course the attention that comes with it. She is shy at first but once familiar, she is totally entertaining – talking, repeating strange things that people ask her to say like kachiangputeh (!), singing etc… She is a spontaneous singer in the car, shower and when she is bored kind of person, like me when I was younger.


– precocious
I stole this word from Wanz – that’s how she described Sophie in her blog and I had to look up what it meant exactly. I’ve been looking for words to describe Sophie and this is pretty close!


Our little one is smart – not in the sense that she knows her ABCs (everything is still J or A to her, gua gua) or is some kind of super power flash card baby BUT……….. you can tell when you interact with her. She’s definitely not blur and unresponsive, unless that is exactly what she wants to be at that time. Yes, our little is a great actress with her exaggerated facial expressions and all – surprised look, angry look, fold arms, roll eyes, yep yep… she’s all done it. She can be quite kua zhang (exaggerated) in her expressions.


And of course, her ability to speak and converse is great help for blur mommy me, God knows.


June teased that the reason why Sophie had to speak so early is because I can’t "hear" her! She’ll be like complaining about something and I’ll be about my own things until I finally realised what she’s trying to say – e.g she dropped her umbrella at the zoo and was trying to tell me but I didn’t realise it until a while later, a long long while later. The other time in Shanghai, she was crying and we thought she was just being fussy BUT actually she was falling off the Baby Bjorn. Er….. ya, that’s why our little one had to fast learn to SPEAK in PROPER SENTENCES or else she’s not going to get anything off us. So poor thing! :(


– gentle
Sophie loves dolls and babies. She likes to stroke babies, hold their hands, call their names and talk to them. I think given a chance, she’ll want to cuddle them.


When she’s at the toy shop, she loves to touch the face of every doll in there and say hello.


Being gentle, Sophie can be quite timid and sensitive too. She’s not fond of slides, quick moving toy cars/rides, etc. Need to go slow with her.


– at the "No" stage
Everything is "No no no" by reflex. I’m serious – by reflex. Sometimes she says no just for the sake of it. Drives me nuts and some days can be REAL bad. But talking and giving her time outs seem to work. She’s just trying to test her boundaries and exercise her rights. Can’t wait for her to get over this stage…….. Oh…. but according to experienced mothers, it just gets to another stage! Apparently the "terrible twos" never end! They are just trying to be humans. No different from our two fav Adam and Eve – "Don’t eat this!" says the Creator, "Er the snake says it’s ok leh, let’s eat lah." says the creation. Sigh…


Sophie’s pretty attuned so I avoid lying and making empty promises when giving alternatives. It doesn’t work – it’ll just bounce back at me! This girl has an elephant’s memory. Sometimes I wished she was a bit more blur.


She REALLY REALLY brings a lot of joy to our lives because of who she is. Some days she can really test my patience of which I have very little when it comes to poor attitude and whining. I have no problem wiping after her pee or self feeding episodes BUT when she starts whine or enter into her serious of "No"s, it can really drive me up the wall. All these esp since I’m a stay home mum BUT I can’t imagine life without her. She’s such a joy to hang out with and I love how she’s brought much joy to the people around us.


I pray that she will be a blessing wherever she goes.