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Ok this is a real lousy pic but I just wanted to document that Sophie figured out how to swim on her own with arm floats! Yay! It happened when we were in Vanuatu.


It's quite sad that when we got here we had to stop her swim lessons with Aqua Ducks in S'p. Think she would have done well and should be well swimming on her own right now without floats but oh wells, a step at a time.


She loves swimming and we've gotta figure a way to get her swimming more here!




We're all really excited here.


Sophie's gonna be in her first real dance performance this weekend! She's been going to a dance school for two terms now. It's a professional hip hop and jazz dance school. They organise a yearly show and this year the theme is Broadway musicals. Sophie's preschool class is doing a Grease number. Very cool. The girls will be wearing pink tutus and denim jackets. The boys drive a car, have their hair spiked up and wear black jackets! Cute like anything!


More photos over the weekend!

Date with Sophie

After teaching for a whole week, James crashed over the weekend so I took Sophie out on my own to town!


It's really easy to get to town. There are these vans that they call "buses" here and you just have to flag them down and it costs 150 VT per person to get to anywhere one way. Children travel free. Pretty comfy but no seat belts tho. But they drive pretty safely here. 



First stop, the open market. Saturday must be the busiest day at the market. It opens 24 hrs through the week, closes on Sat by 2pm and it's closed on Sundays. In fact most of the shops in town are closed on Sundays. It's a religious observation for most because most go to church. During the week, the market stall owners sleep at their stall. You'll see mamas feeding babies, grandmas tending the stall, others sorting out the produce. It's generally the women who tend the stores. The men are the ones who harvest the produce in their land.


Sophie bought some peanuts. They are her favourite snack here. She's mastered how to crack the peanut herself this time! She used to bite the shell into pieces. I got myself some tapioca chips. My favourite snack here. I asked the mama at the store if I could take a picture and she raised her eyes and nodded her head. That's the local way of saying yes. After that she gave us a bunch of bananas! Actually she gave it to Sophie. So sweet ah… They really love children here. After that we got a pomelo. It's pomelo season and they are real yummy!



Next we went to the French pastry shop to get an ice-cream… actually to use the toilet… for customers…. so we got an ice-cream, the cheapest thing on the menu! :)


Finally we went to look for a princess dress for Sophie. The local chinese shops sell the ching chiong pink frilly ones complete with lace, sequins and ribbons… altogether. Managed to find one for her. It cost only 500 VT which is about S$7. She can just wear it casually and I don't have to worry about it ripping. :) The chinese lady at the shop gave us a discount! Sweet!


After that, we hopped into a bus and went home… in time for Levi's feed. :) Nice.

Hanging out at the base


We spent the whole of yesterday at the base. 

Sophie had so much fun! I hardly saw her.

Left: Sophie visiting the pigpen. Someone paid their staff fees with a pig. :)

Right: Piglets! They are really very cute and really squeal when you pick them up. 


She spent the morning cooking in the bush kitchen (this is just really the outdoor kitchen) with Rinette, feeding the pigs and watching Kalin making a nest for the chick he caught.

Left: A coup for the chick that Kalin caught. He made it out of coconut and chicken wire. Genius!

Right: Hanging out at the bush kitchen on the base. 


She spent the afternoon in the sun washing clothes with Rinette. She was getting all wet so Rinette hung her dress on the line too.

At the end of the day, she didn't want to leave. :)

Being Brave


I'm quite a scardy cat and tend to avoid the hard stuff. But God seems to delight in pushing me to the edge, like what a good Father does. The bible says in James 1: 2-4: "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."


Yesterday I had to do one of the most challenging thing in my life thus far. I had to pack up, drive with two kids up to Auckland n meet James there. It is prob easy for most but it was harder for me for a couple of reasons. One, one of my two kids is a newborn. Two, I only started driving in June. Three, I have never driven long distance to an unknown location without James helping to direct me.

But but but with the grace of God, a praying husband, relatively obedient n independent 4 yr old, a newborn who slept n woke up at the right times, google maps, a kind Shell attendent who directed us when google maps failed to pick up info of a road closure that threw me completely off n finally the familiar M sign that assured us of a familiar menu, toilets, a playground n even changing table. What an adventure! We left at 330 n finally got to the motor lodge at 7. Took a bit longer than usual coz we took a break when we missed a turning and got lost but very glad when we got there.


Thank you Lord and thank you all for praying. I'm writing on the way to V2.

Homeschooling Update



Sophie has "graduated" from Nursery!


We completed her Chinese and English workbooks last week! Woo hoo!


We took about 5 months to do so and stopping for about a month when Levi was born. It's not a race but I just wanted to celebrate her efforts so each time she finished a workbook, we celebrated with a glass of milk and cookie! She loves that! She also got a book as a present. I remember I used to get book prizes in primary school and it was just such an encouragement and I felt so proud! She doesn't go to school so we just want to celebrate her efforts at home.


Yeah Sophie! You've done well and Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you!


I'm really thankful that we've managed to keep up the homeschooling this time round and Sophie has really flourished in both languages. I thank God for the strength. It hasn't been that much work on my part and we've kept to the books and basics but it helps that Sophie is a quick learner. Flipside is that she gets bored easily so lessons have to be quick and interesting. The Math book we got is too tedious for her so I stopped using it and only recently changed to another syllabus that is much more interesting (will write more about it next time.).


We take a "school" break for the next two weeks. We'll be in Vanuatu and I'm sure we'll have lots to learn on the journey. When we return, we'll start on the K1 books and new stuff. Excited :)

New Dress



Sophie's into long twirly dresses, like Cinderella.


Thank you Mama and Yeye for this beautiful one. She loves it!

My little village girl



Sophie LOVES to pick up rubbish. I'm not sure if any other 4 year old do that but she keeps picking up stuff off the ground – flowers, rocks, stones, leaves, trash, paper, feathers, treasures at times, etc… Does your 4 year old do that? I found a whole pile of rocks in her pocket once. Sometimes she puts them in her mouth! Ya! She still puts things in her mouth!


I find it so hard to tell her to stop doing that because she is just so curious! I keep telling her but it's almost like she can't help herself. She'll stop when I remind her but more than often, she'll forget.


Last weekend at Tauranga, we spent almost an hour just picking up rocks and throwing them back into the sea to hear "splash!". She picked up some other rubbish and wanted to throw them into the sea too but I had to stop her. I thought I might as well teach her what trash is and how it'll harm the sea animals if the sea gets dirty. Here's where characters like Nemo come in handy to explain to a 4 yr old what happens if we throw trash into the sea. So we spent some time picking up trash and throwing them into the bin where they belong.


I guess sometimes if you can't stop them, put limits (e.g. wash your hands and don't put it in your mouth!) and join them in the fun! I had lotsa fun throwing stones into the sea with her. :)

When the babies are asleep


We take couple pics n eat sushi.

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Dress up for DTS 2010 Grad dinner

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