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Day to Day

Today's outfit: Sophie in her fav dress

Sophie’s Fashion



Sophie's been dressing herself these days and I thought it'll be fun to record her dressing daily as she goes through this phase.


Today's outfit:

Alpaca Wool Sweater: Bought at the A&P show
Tube dress worn as a long skirt: From the market in Vanuatu
Shoes: Pink with ribbons from Warehouse for $4!

Sending mama n yeye off



My in laws left last weekend. We went up to Auckland to send them off and spent a night there.


It's been such a blessing having them around. They cooked for us every day, every meal for 6 whole weeks. It was such a luxury. My father in law was also the one who drove us to the hospital when Levi was about to be born. My mum in law helped to soothe Levi in the evenings so that I could have dinner in peace. Most of all, they were Sophie's main companions when James had to return to work and I was spending most of my time with Levi.


Sophie was inconsolable when they left. She cried and cried. Poor thing. She's grown so attached to them over the past 6 weeks. But it was good that she could grief like that. As grown ups, we always overlook the grieving process when people leave because we get so hardened. Looking at her grieve made James and I wished we had that kind of heart again. Once she stopped crying she was absolutely fine.


1. Auckland is so fun! I love being in the city once in a while. James and I went on a date (Levi was our chaperon) on Sat night to watch the latest movie The Last AirBender. The show was so so but it was my first date with James since we returned to NZ in July and my first 3D movie. I know, very suaku but so shiok. Levi slept thru the movie and woke up in the last 30 mins to feed. Nice.


2. I drove back from Auckland. Woah! 2 hrs straight. I'm really starting to enjoy driving long distances.

I’m four!



Here's what I can do at 4:


1. I can read!

Mummy's comments: YES! After teaching her phonics for the past few months, she's beginning to read. We use Reading Made Easy and Explode the Code and of course, lotsa lotsa reading everyday. She can read simple words and know most of the sight words. Mostly she reads by context and part memorization but sometimes she surprises us by reading signs that she'd never seen before. We've got a couple of Strawberry Shortcake readers and she loves to read to Levi (ok that's my trick of getting her to read aloud coz she still prefers us to read to her. If I say to read to Levi, sometimes she'll oblige.)


2. I can write!

Mummy's comments: We're still working on this. When we first started homeschooling this term, she wasn't keen on writing and it was too stressful to get her writing consistently and properly so I gave it a rest. But recently she's starting to want to write again so we've picked it up again and she's doing well!


3. I can talk to anyone about anything. Ok, anyone who would listen.

Mummy's comments: Sophie can REALLY talk. And talk. And talk! One of the best thing about being here is that everyone listens to a kid! Kids are not ignored, told off or brushed off when they speak. Or the worst, patronised. I love the way adults communicate with children here. They really listen to what Sophie have to say and she has lots to say. This has really helped Sophie to develop and form her identity. She is very confident amongst adults and older children and has no problem holding her own ground. Now I just need to teach her not to butt into people's conversations. :)


4. I can carry my didi!

Mummy's comments: She's doing really well as an older sister. I think it's been great to have a 4 yr gap between the two kids. Sophie has been rather patient during the times I need to look after Levi. She'll play or read in her room and wait for me. Sometimes I will just read to her while I'm feeding Levi. In the beginning it was a bit harder but 4 wks in, she's doing very well. She's been having a cough and cold this week and she's been very considerate not to go kiss Levi and remembering to close her mouth when she sneezes or coughs. But James has been really good and been very deliberate in spending more time with her and I think that really helped in the transition. I just wished I have more time to spend with her.


Things I like
1. Anything pink and sparkly
2. Princessy things, dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, ballerinas
3. Bling blings – rings, bracelets, etc
4. Cheese – I share Mummy's love for soft cheeses too!
5. Green leafy veggies and fruits
6. Fairy Tales – I still like reading a lot


Things I dislike
1. Main meals – Mum says it's SO hard to get me to eat!
2. Villains – I hate bad people or characters in movies.
3. Putting on too many layers. I don't feel cold! I'm really a summer kinda girl, give me a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, I'm happy.

Birthday Presents

Sophie had lotsa birthday presents.

We gave her a dollhouse that was as tall as her.



James got her a dress up Cinderella doll – her fav story at the moment. Everything is Cinderella.



Grandma and grandpa asked me to get something for her and I got her a cloth house that comes with the three bears and their beds.



But when I look at these pictures, I feel so blessed for her because she now has a little brother to call her own for the rest of her life. I think that is one of life's greatest blessing – to have siblings. What a gift!


Sophie is 4

My in laws left on Sunday and I've been so busy the past week trying to catch up and to get a hang on being on our own. Finally I have some time to blog. So much have happened since!



First of all, Sophie turned 4 last Saturday. We had a huge celebration party for her on Friday afternoon. My in laws have been planning this for her even before they arrived. They brought all the party decorations, invites and goody bag things from Singapore! On the day itself, they cooked fried noodles, chicken wings and sausages.



The kids had a blast with all the goodies! We played pass the parcel, Sophie's special request. Even the adults broke fast to enjoy the food (check out the food spread in the photo above) and played with the toy cars in the goody bag. :) Sophie had lotsa fun hanging out with her friends and just enjoying the attention.


The Birthday Cake
Last year I made a jelly cake for Sophie – a no-bake idiot proof thing to do.


This year, I attempted to bake a cake coz I didn't even know how to go about ordering a cake here! No one really order birthday cakes around here. I guess I could have bought one at the supermarket but it was just strange to do that. Everyone makes their own so I attempted to do so. What a disaster! It took me three attempts before I got it close to a birthday cake taste and feel! Anyways here's how it turned out. I ran out of time to do the icing coz Levi had to feed so James took over and I'm glad he did coz he's the artistic one. It turned out beautiful in a homemade kinda way. :)



One guy had three pieces of it so I guess it must have tasted alright. But the funny thing was that he told my mother in law that the bread tasted really nice. Erm… he was referring to the cake but maybe he's danish so his englands not vely goods. Anyway, I discovered the hard way that baking is NOT one of my giftings. Ha! But I had fun trying tho.

4 years old



It's our princess' birthday tomorrow! She turns four.


She's going to have a Princess Party with motorcars and motorbikes as door gifts later today. :) It's kinda a mish mash party theme with lotsa lotsa pink! Photos to come later. Pray for good weather!

Dress up



Dressing up is a big thing here. They sell kids' costumes like fairy, princess, batman, superman, nurse etc everywhere. It's pretty affordable as well.


Sophie LOVES dressing up. I've set aside a big bag for all her dress up things – scraps that I find everywhere e.g scarfs, bags, necklaces etc. When her friends come over, they have a ball! Sometimes the boys end up wearing her shoes too!


Sophie made a new friend on this school. Her name is Talya and she's 9. Talya came over last week and they took turns to dress up and perform to crazy songs that they make up. Super funny!


Here's Sophie in her Indian costume that her grandaunt bought for her, my new handbag and her Uggs. Totally her own creation. Doing an Indian dance.

Sophie’s recent artworks



Sophie stopped drawing for a bit and then all of a sudden started picking up the pens and drawing again. And I'm amazed that her ability to control and draw has just improved heaps over this time! Kids' drawings are amazing and I must make it a point to record this.


The picture on the left is of the A-frame (our communal dining hall. Here's a real picture of it.). She's drawn an apple tree on the left and orange tree on the right and someone on a ladder climbing the orange tree.


The picture on the right is the princess castle and she's drawn a princess on a horse with a golden ball. She was trying to copy the cover of a book called Princess Fairy.

Tea at Robert Harris



Once a week, we try to go down to town for tea as a family. Just to chill and hang out.


Sophie's very happy with her fluffy/baby chino and her cookie at Robert Harris, a coffee joint in town.

Lunch on the Base


James cooks lunch everyday for the base. Thought I'll get a picture of a normal lunch on the base. We had pizza bread last week.



One satisfied customer! :)




Sophie has two favorite soft toys that sleep with her – Windy, a teddy bear which we got from Auckland on the way back to Singapore the first time and Kitty Kitten, a really soft kitten that I got for her when we came back from Vanuatu the second time. I thought she did so well in Vanuatu that she deserved a present. They have been significant companions for her marking different milestones in her life.


But on our last trip home, we lost Kitty in Bintan! ARGH! She (Sophie, not Kitty :)) fell asleep on the bus and we hurried down the bus, didn't realise that we left it on the bus until much later! She grieved for a night and was totally fine after that. She never really asked for another but James and I were distraught because it was such a nice stuff toy and we knew it meant so much to her.


My mum and dad wanted to buy her one but we were quite determined to get the same one back here in NZ.


When we returned, James looked EVERYWHERE. We got it from Warehouse the last time and we looked in every Warehouse around the area – Cambridge, Hamilton, Matamata etc… but couldn't find.


Until last Sat………………… James found it in a bin of stuff toys in another Warehouse at Hamilton! He dug and dug, almost gave up and then found a similar one (the colour is slightly different but everything else is the same)! Sophie was SO HAPPY!!!!!!!


To me, it just showed the love of the father…. how far he would go….. to find what his child loves.


The bible says in Luke 11:10-13

"For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!"


Ooo the love of the Father…. :)