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Sept 06 Kids Meet up


The kiddos have all grown up! They are all in preschool and speaking like bullet trains and very expressive and their personalities are all shining through.


But when it comes to taking photos, nothing's changed. :) They still can't sit still and smile at the camera all at the same time. :)


P/s R tried to hide his face with a bag coz he was tired and wanted to sleep in the pram but James snatched it away and he got a shock! :)

The day we had a calf tied to our house


We had quite a crazy day today.


In the morning, James caught an eel using a self-made eel trap and he made unagi! Check out the process on our flickr site. I’ve uploaded the pictures of the trap and stuff!


Later at night, he found a calf stranded by the river (later we found out that the calf was two days old and it had slipped down the slope towards the river when the mother cow gave birth to it. poor thing!). After dinner (we had a massive Chinese food feast at our home and invited some friends over), he went back with our friend Stuart to rescue the calf and brought it back! We got the farm next door to come over to collect the poor calf. The kids were kinda sad that they couldn’t keep it as a pet. Hiak!


What a day, what a day! :)

These are all MINE!!!


A photo for the season, Sophie loves her durians!

Kawaii & I’m so embarrassed by my mom

Mei nu


Sophie’s latest "trick" that my MIL taught her. She poses when you say "Mei nu (pretty girl)". So funny :)

Check out Sophie with long hair!



Sophie was awfully quiet in her room late in the afternoon. She had asked for some playdough and I gave it to her.


I went into the room and she said "Swan, mummy!". Can you see the swan??? She used pink playdough. That’s my baby’s first artistic expression! She makes me so proud! Hahaha….


(Btw, if you remember, we made this aquarium of fishes together few weeks back, except that the fish have all fallen off the sticks. Going to the gardens and seeing those swans must have inspired her. SO YES! Nature does inspire!) 

Hong Kong Trip July 08


Day 3 Morning


Location: Metropark Kowloon Hotel Room


Event: Sigh… no more Mickey and Friends for breakfast…. just boring old cornflakes and milk…

Our lil tap dancer!





Making friends during our shopping trip on Sat….

Runaway gal

The funniest thing happened yesterday.


Sophie ran away from home!


I left her in her room after changing her, took her diaper to the back to dispose. Little did I know, James came home, went to his computer on the dining table and left the gate open coz we were all going out in like a few mins. I came out and I saw the gate open and Sophie nowhere to be found! Looked out of the door and there I saw Sophie – she crawled to the neighbour’s house (the one on our right) and was playing with her shoes! The neighbour’s shoes! I really didn’t know how long she was gone for and what she did (like lick the shoes?!) BUT I quickly picked her up and took her home.


OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO funny and slightly scary. And all this time, she looked so pleased with herself. :)



Yesterday was full of funny things.


I was at Central shopping on my own, waiting to have dinner with a few friends. I walked into a shop and was all ready to try a cool pair of denim AND I saw an old friend. He apparently knew the owners of the shop and we all started talking. After a while, I decided to go try the jeans and then I realised it might be too small but thot I’ll just try it anyway. So I tried. I broke the belt holding thingy (what is it called?!?) on the jeans while trying to pull it up pass my new improved child bearing hips! OOPS! So pai seh (embarassing!)! My friend was just outside and it was a small shop! Argh!!!!! Anyways to cut the long story short, they were really nice abt it and said it was ok. I bought something else coz I felt SO BAD. (Note to self – get a size bigger, I’m not quite the same size anymore!)

Frog stuck on you

Here’s James trying to cheer Sophie up coz she’s sick. hee… she wasn’t very impressed with a frog stuck to her face. :)


Sophie is wearing Mothercare top from Auntie Elizabeth Ang and kungfu pants I bought from Foxbaby.