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Window Shopping

I know I know I just did a whole lot of shopping and the economy is bad but I’ve been stuck at home coz James is on reservist and Soph is unwell and I just cannot cannot resist these lovely things. Hee… What have I been doing???????? I did a search on one of my favourite design website Design Sponge Online with the keyword "Kids" and I’ve been going thru every single link all the way back to 2005! And Small magazine just released their latest issue.


Ooooo how I love beautiful things……


Some cool things that I’m eyeing or going to unscrupulously copy:


1. Step stool (I have the ikea ones but so boring. They’ve got Paul Frank ones.)


2. Wall Art (Cute and Cool illustrations to die for, I think I’ll just copy)

This is cool, can customise!

For me for me!!

Oooo my all time fav style, old sch, quirky


3. Doll Houses (Sophie’s REALLY into play right now and a doll house is exactly what she needs)

SO NICE! I want for myself. (Hint hint James) Anyway I love all the stuff at Sparkability. Drool drool…



I really do have many windows open and I’m enjoying shopping. And also this is the first day since Sunday that Sophie is taking an afternoon nap. She is FINALLY back to waking up before 8am. Back to shopping!

Books by Alison Jay


We spotted this at Kino – the best alphabet book i’ve seen so far! It’s so quirky and beautifully illustrated! We bought 2 at a go – "Picture this" and "ABC, A Child’s First Alphabet Book" by Alison Jay.


For example, P is for Panda and the Panda is having a pie, red Pepper, pears, a pumpkin for picnic surrounded by mountain peaks! How clever is that! What’s more, the picture on each page is related to the next. For example, the picnic "quilt" on the bottom left hand side of the picture (with the question mark) is Q is for Quilt on the next page! Very very clever and playful. I love it and thankfully Sophie loves it too!