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Little swamp
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Even a little swamp like this was an oasis when I was so down last week.

I was so glad James took me out. We went to West Coast Park, took a long walk, talked and had dinner at Macs.

Feeling down

This week has been one of those weeks that I’ve felt really down. Felt like i just lost control of it all and everything is swung all over the place. I couldn’t get down to even prepare Sophie’s food properly or do anything for that matter. Just felt like sleeping most of the time.

I think I am exhausted. It was probably a built up thing that I didn’t pay much attention to.

Anyway it got bad, not very bad but bad enough for me to say “TIME OUT! I need a break!”.

So I spent last nite with James on a date. We went to West Coast Park for a walk and had dinner a Mcdonalds. It was nice. Space does wonders for my soul.

Today I spent the whole afternoon with Elaine just chilling at Vivo (ya my fav hang out place). Yes, the whole afternoon. It was such a luxury.

I feel so much better now. I think sometimes i just need to get out and remember who I am. I’m still tired physically but I’m feeling better.

In Christ Alone

In Christ alone
I place my trust
And find my glory in the power of the Cross
In every victory
Let it be said of me
My source of strength
My source of hope
Is Christ alone

Just reflecting that I wouldn’t have made it thru the past week without the Lord. In the time of weakness, He has been my strength and my hope and my confidante. He is good, his love endures forever.

Dinner w nick n amy

dinner w nick n amy, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

We had dinner w Nick n Amy on Tues… MIL came over to look after Sophie. So nice to catch up with friends on our own, almost forgot what that’s like!

Was Nick’s treat since he got his super pay stay home job (heh..) n also Amy’s bday. We went to Corduroy & Finch. Food was GOOD. Dessert was yummy. We had a platter of all sorts of cakes n chocolates. Shiok.

Btw, i chopped off my hair! Aivee at Blizt (HV) did my hair. Got it done for free coz she’s practicing……….. (thanks Daph for the intro)

Sophie’s I hate broccoli face

I hate broccoli, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

ooooooooo Sophie’s getting harder to deal with these days!

Argh! She’s been so good past few weeks and then suddenly the grouchy sophie is back! It better be like what some pp say it’s a growth spurt OR teething OR just one of those bad days. :)

She’s acquired a few bad habits.

One, spitting! Ka pui! (This came with her ability to blow raspberries) Yah so now i have broccoli bits on my clothes while feeding her.

Two, mummy i want to be carried! N only mummy no one else! Argh! I really don’t know where this came about coz she was so good n could sit in her pram for hours before whining. Ok those days are gone.

This is her refusing to eat her broccoli. It got all over her n onto her new GAP pyjamas that i just got for her! Heh… actually it’s not that bad lah… i mixed it w sweet potatoes later and she finished it all up. She really loves her food! Btw, broccoli puree smells really NASTY! w a capital NASTY! Broccoli poo’s worse!

Previously at Keong Siak

James’ office, originally uploaded by Ai_Ling.

I was about 5 1/2 mths preggy….

Goodbye Keong Siak Rd

Goodbye Keong Siak Rd, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

We helped James move out from Keong Siak on Thurs. Mark and the rest are moving to a new office location and James is moving home. We’re looking for another office location nearer to home so that James can work nearby.

I took a pic in the cubicle a year ago when i was preggy. Now Sophie is here. Time really flies…

We are family

We are family, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

I wanna stand up!

I wanna stand up!, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

Here’s James n Sophie at ps cafe at Dempsey. She’s attempting to stand… maybe dance?

We took a cab into Dempsey just for fun to check out the place coz we’ve been hearing so much about the new developments there. And we found ps cafe, run by Project Shop Brothers. It’s a really cool place hidden at Dempsey Rd. It’s surrounded by greenery. The restaurant’s got high ceiling and smells heavenly. With all the ang mohs around, it really felt like we were out of the country. (James has this theory that because Singaporeans travel so much that they come back and set up these places so that they can relive their holidays and overseas experiences.)

They only serve Brunch. So we had pancakes n bacon/eggs/portobello for Brunch. It’s super ex for breakfast. In the end we paid like more than $60 bucks including drinks. But it’s nice lah. Ambience n all. And it was a special day.

Oh wells, that’s us lah. Any excuse to eat at fancy place we would. Also a good way to pretend we’re out of the country.

Sophie’s Six Months Old!

First time swimming w mummy, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

Dearest Sophie,

Precious darling……….. your smiles really really melt our hearts.

You turned 1/2 a year old on Sun. Daddy and I talked about it through the week, planning & thinking about what to do for your 1/2 year old birthday because we think that it’s such a milestone! 1/2 a year! Wow!

Finally we decided to join the early 8.30 service for Intergenerational Service, treat ourselves to lunch (coz it’s been such hard work being parents for the past 6 mths, heh heh, must give ourselves a pat on the back/tummy mah!) at ps cafe at Dempsey, go to Grandma/pa’s place to swim and then have a little cake for you.

You had so many firsts on Sun
– First time swimming
– First time in a high chair for dinner
– First time in a carseat
– First time sucking toe

I think you enjoyed swimming pretty much. You definitely like the new high chair grandma got you from Fisher Price. It’s super cool and it’s portable. (erm, not sure where we’re going to bring it but at least if we bring it, it’s portable! haha) You were a bit apprehensive about the car seat and started crying when we first put you in BUT when granddad started driving, you loved it and started sucking you toe!!! SO CUTE!

The past months……

You have soooooooo moved on from your colicky stage to being such a smiley and gentle baby. Everyone around says you’re so gentle, even when you whine/cry, you’re so gentle! Heh heh but they don’t see you 24/7! But mummy is super thankful already. I guess having been thru colic, everything else is like a breeze.

It’s been such a joy watching you wake up coz you’ll recognize me and SMILE! When you’re sleepy, you’ll dig your face into my shoulders and rub your eyes. Daddy n i love watching you do that. So girl my goodness!

You’re now able to sit for a little while unsupported and lift your head high when you flip onto your tummy. You also enjoy standing on mummy’s lap and jumping. (ok, more like bouncing)

Your limps are super skinny, like mine (look at pic) and I’m so afraid that i’ll break your arms! Sometimes i can hear cracking, not sure if that’s normal tho. You still look happy so i guess you’re fine… heh…

You’re taking to solids pretty well. So far you’ve tried cereal, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, apples, pears. I think you like all except apples n pears, prob because I chose the sour ones.

Thank you for being such a hardy baby and still smiling even tho your mum here is so chin chai. Thank you for not having tummy ache even though mummy has NEVER sterilised your pacifier and hardly washed your toys that you suck to death.

Above all, thank God that you’re healthy and radiate His joy and providence in our lives.


Little aeroplane

Little aeroplane, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

SOphie’s been doing this new stunt. it’s called the Super Little Aeroplane. She’ll lift both her arms n feet up while on her tummy. Super CUTE!

Btw, she can sit unsupported for more than 10 counts! Heh. But i can’t take photos coz i still have to make sure she doesn’t fall.

Date nite w Titoudao

Date nite w Titoudao, originally uploaded by ailingnjames.

We went to watch local production “Titoudao” last nite at Drama Center @ the National Library.

I was REALLY impressed with the level of commitment and dedication our local artists have. Most of them don’t even speak dialect BUT most of the play was in serious WAYANG style plus lotsa of dialect (and i don’t mean just bad words). One of them was a Malay! It’s been awhile since we’ve been to a full play (last one was Broadway beng last Jan/Feb!). I used to go more when I was in JC/Uni. It amazes me that Karen Tan is still in the scene! Ten years ago when the art scene wasn’t this great, i think most would have given up. But i guess those who hung on are seeing the fruits of their labour.

RESPECT to our local artists. (This also to Royston Tan whom we caught a glimspe of last nite. Few of us were watching 4:30 at our place last Sat and it was really good.)

Go watch Titoudao! I’ll rather pay good money to watch this and buy the programme booklet THAN Borat. :)

P/s in case you are wondering how James n I made it through without subtitles? THERE WERE SUBTITLES. But we were sitting on the third row and almost missed seeing the subtitles on the TOP!