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My new desk


I’m taking a break from blogging about the trip to announce: MY DESK IS HERE!


It’s a little antique looking Indonesian made solid wood foldable desk! I love it! It’s so pretty with little drawers and secret compartments. Even a little shelf to put my bible. Sweet! I’ve always wanted one like that! The best part is that it fits into the little corner in our dining area. I was so excited, spent the whole afternoon and evening last night moving our furniture around. That’s the problem with a tiny place, if you have one more piece of furniture, you need to move everything around so that it all fits like a puzzle. But I love doing that. Therapeutic.


This will do as my little sanctuary. A place to call my own. A place for me for my quiet time, to keep my stuff and to work while Sophie toddles around me (although she very quickly figured out how to pull out the drawers :(). And it closes up nicely as a feature piece when guests come around. Perfect.

Off Day

This is the first Saturday in ages that both of us have no commitments. No birthday parties to go to, no practices, no cell, no nothing. The whole day! Woo hoo!


We made our way out of the house bright n early at 11am (haha…). The plan was 9am but… oh wells… it was too early. We went to Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast. The plan was Jones the Grocer but it was too packed. But ooo so nice… I love eating at Ben & Jerry’s coz there’s hardly anyone there and the food is great too! Sophie loves eating with us. She finished half of my foccacia bread (ooo i love foccacia bread!) and drank some of my hot chocolate, to which she said "so yummy!". So cute lah.


After that, we went shopping for my WORK TABLE!!!!!!! Yes! I’ve been waiting to buy this for a long time! A nice work table where I can put my laptop and organise all my stuff. And we found a perfect one! I’ll post pictures once it arrives………. I’m so excited! You know, since we’ve moved here… 3 years to be exact, I haven’t had my own proper table. I have one in the backroom but I’m hardly in there and it’s just not the way I want it. I’m REALLY happy to finally have my own table. Question is where does it go right? Haha in our tiny place? I bet that’s what all of you are thinking…. well you’ll see soon enough! Yipee!


Came home………….. Sophie took a long nap while I drank Ribena and read magazines (shiok ah…) on the sofa…… after that I also knocked out. She woke up, made her some lunch, ate and we spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home. So relaxing……….. Sophie’s asleep and it’s dinner now. James gone to get Jap food for us and time for some video and more rest. Nice…

Facts Unknown About Me

I’ve been tagged by littlegastronomy to share 5 things about myself that most of you probably wouldn’t know (yes, littlegastronomy wants to dig out my ugly past!!!!!), in no particular order of importance:



1. I LOVE fast cars and motorbike rides. In my past life, I wd take bike rides without helmets around NUS grounds (don’t tell my dad. He almost lost his life before he got married to my mum due to a bike accident), go to Sepang to watch F1 (I am secretly very happy that it’s coming to S’p… shhhh don’t tell anyone!), go for late nite drives w friends. I’ll be the first to volunteer to ride with the one who drives a fast car – e.g my cousin in UK (except that it wasn’t very glam – it started to rain and we had to stop to take out the top to cover up the cute lil convertible). Btw, I still love a ride in a fast car.



2. I ACTUALLY HAVE a driving license. And for almost 10 years. REALLY! For those of you who know me, know that I DON’T DRIVE. It is pretty ironic – I love fast cars but I don’t drive. I got scared when I first got my license. Two incidents put me off driving for a long time. A police car horned at me coz I was taking a while to make a turn – how can a police car horn at a P plate driver?!??! How rude! Another time, I had a car load of youths and I couldn’t make it up a slope. So scary!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept going down and towards the drain. Eeeeeeeeeeeks. I get scared easily. That’s why I won’t drive unless God kicks my butt. I’m quite happy cabbing around. It prob costs me less than owning a car.



3. I ALMOST TRIPPED at my own wedding. I knew it’ll happen, these kinda things always happen to me!! I mean – heels, dress, 600 pp looking at me! I think only some saw it. I think. My heels got stuck in the sliding door groove as I entered. How glam. :( My friend had to help me remove my shoes and put them on so I could continue the walk in. I definitely can’t do the actress red carpet stuff. Too embarassing.



4. I GOT STUNG by a giant jellyfish and almost died. I was in my 2nd year of university. I was at Bintan with 9 other friends. I walked into the sea, right into a giant jellyfish, screamed in pain, fainted, got carried off by 2 friends, woke up few mins later, thot I died. I still have visible scars if you notice my legs. From my ankles to my thighs. The thing was I didn’t call home or tell my parents until I got home 3 days later. Hiak. My legs swelled up like elephant legs (actually similar to when I was preggie! Eeks. Flashback!) Anyways, I still eat jellyfish, love eating them actually. I still go snorkelling although I have flashbacks.



5. I NEVER THOUGHT I would become a stay home mum. Never crossed my mind. I like working. I still do. But I wanted to be home when my children come home from school. To be there to open the door for them and hear all their stories first hand. So I prayed about it. A big consideration factor was our finances. How were we going to cope with just one salary and we just started the business? BUT God spoke loud and clear. In the time I was praying about whether I should stop work, He sent 3 different persons who didn’t know our situation to give me a love gift ($$) each. God kept providing like that out of nowhere. It was then that we knew deep in our hearts that He who calls, will provide. So I quit, even without worrying about the three months of maternity pay. God has been so good to us – the jobs just keep coming. A lot of hard work but we have never been in lack. The current arrangement is great – I get to work somewhat, look after Sophie and still have good time to hang out with friends.


There must be more to my drama life but for the life of me, I can’t remember them! And now I’m going to tag June, Pris, Steph, Vicky and Jiayuan.

How cool is that? :)

What type of Mother Hen Are You?
by Educational Resource

Dinner with Beks n Daph

I missed Daph’s 21st birthday few weeks back coz Soph was sick so we arranged to meet up together with Beks, who also celebrated her birthday in Dec.


These two precious gals – one I’ve known since she was 8! and she still calls me jie jie (elder sis) coz her bro and I used to hang out a lot and the other used to be so scared of me coz I was (still am!) so much older and she’s going to graduate and start work this year.


It was great catching up with them – they help me to remember to dream and have fun and I, being a bit older and wiser (hopefully, hiak hiak) can inspire and encourage them to keep dreaming and living! Sometimes people my age can be too practical and too darn boring.


Oh yes and I got to sit in Beks’ new car, a Peugeot Convertible! I love fast cars and bikes! Ok, but I felt quite self conscious getting out of the car at Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey coz everyone was looking, esp in my new vintage smurf t-shirt and flip flops (!)…….. the plan was to go downstairs and eat and go home… oh but, who cares! It felt great! Thanks for the lovely ride, Beks!

Lawyers and Doctors

Argh!!!!! What’s up with lawyers and doctors???


I’ve been having such bad experiences with lawyers and doctors recently! They are so full of themselves! I think they are the ones who need to go for service upgrading rather than the supposedly "lower" level service staff like the nice and polite Mcdonalds staff! I mean, at least the Macs staff say hello! and good morning! with a smile. Seriously, I appreciate that.


I just got off the phone with our lawyers. We needed to engage them to redeem our house loan. I called the nice lawyer whom I got in touch with initially and she directed me to her colleague. Fine. Her colleague picked up the phone, heard what I said and immediately said, I don’t handle this, pls talk to my assistant, she’s on the phone, pls call back later in a very up there kinda tone. Argh. I told her, pls take a message and get her to call me back and put her in her place. Hello! I’m your client rem?? Paid $500 bucks?!? Thank God her assistant got off the phone and HER ASSISTANT WAS SO NICE! I so wished the $500 bucks we paid went to her instead! She prob did most of the paper work anyways! Her boss prob just signed the paper. Double argh!


The doctors. Ok they are a better bunch I must admit. But the younger doctors can be such #@*! James asked one so what does the med do? I mean he’s a medic so he wants to know what the meds actually do right. The doctor in the most grudging "why do you even question me" voice ever said it does cefenyrhwnshbage. Something like that. Hello! We’re patients, not doctors. Speak in English please. The doctor was met at the A&E was the worst! We had to bring Sophie in at about 1am some time back. He came out looking like we just disturbed his nap. His accent was incomprehensible. He’s Indian, which is fine but donno why he kept mumbling. He prob thought it was all a dream. Argh. He didn’t say very much nor answer our questions. He said to come back tomorrow for x-ray of the chest and take paracetamol, nothing we can do. Right, tell that to new parents with a tod running 39 degrees! The nurse explained to us what to do and how to do it.


I know that’s why lawyers need secretaries and doctors need nurses – coz they are too busy to care. Come on! If I knew the answers to all these medical mumbo jumbo and the way round the law, I would not call you. The days where people just took what you said is way gone! People want to know and they’ll ask questions. I hope that doctors and lawyers know that despite the high salaries they get and prestige, they are really still providing a service. Thank God for secretaries and nurses.


P/s Argh… ok lah it’s not so bad but it just erks me that people can be so not nice. Lawyer/doc friends n family, I still love you and please be nice to your clients k?

Me after 1/4 glass of champagne


I really can’t drink. Seriously.

Gifts from Japan

Our guest today brought me some goodies from Japan. The little bottle is some collagen drink from Fancl. So sweet of her. Plus a little love note.



Scrapbooking has become popular these days with the opening of specialised scrapbooking shops. They even conduct classes.


Siew Min, Siew Lin’s sis arranged for us to go for one of those classes at Made With Love, Plaza Singapura, prior to the wedding. A few of us went – close friends and family etc. Even her dad was supposed to come but he had last minute work. BUT his entry turned out to be the main tearjerker.


Anyways, our task? To complete a scrapbook for Siew Lin for her wedding!


I’ve been a scrapbooker (is there even such a word?) and wrote journals for years. I even compiled an entire scrapbook prior to my wedding that detailed the 29 – 32 years of our lives, prior to marriage. So precious! But I didn’t really believe that real, hardcore journalling and scrapbooking involved expensive, nice paper! It’s supposed to be scrap – gluing bits of articles, photos, handwritten notes etc. Hello, scrap???


Anyways… I’m hooked. How can anyone resist all the pretty paper, hooks and buttons!?!? I think I walked round the shop almost 5 times just looking at all the gorgeous stuff. Check out my first time creation.


The best part of it was the experience of sitting together with the family, recounting our growing up years and laughing at all the photos we’ve chosen. So much fun! Plus the food was really good. They had this yummy cookies and cream shake. I even brought home the leftovers – mash potatoes and sausage.

32 and enjoying life

I really think that being in my 30s is great! 20s was fun, money, freedom and just lotsa fun but still fumbling around trying to figure out myself. 30s is great coz i’m becoming more secure about who I am and where I am heading, got a beautiful family, still have some money and even more fun, making less crazy mistakes (i hope).


I had a great birthday time the past few days.


Wed night we had dinner with my in laws – soaked in seafood. Lobsters and the works.


On Thurs, James swept up the whole family and brought us to Batam for 3 days and 2 nights. We booked tickets, packed and left the next day. See? Fun! :) Poor Sophie survived on jar food and lotsa junk. She was great and slept through night. I was afraid she’ll wake up in the night coz it’s a new environment.


We got back on Sat afternoon and then off to another BBQ party with the SOL team that night. Nyet made a fabulous sinful choc cake for me.


Today we had dinner with my parents.


Ok now time to rest and episode 5 of Gossip Girl. More pictures and stories of the trip in the next few days… Thank you everyone for the love and wishes. :)

Hooked onto iTunes Store

Oooo… eversince we’ve been selling iTunes (US) store credits on iTS, we’ve been shopping on the iTunes store a lot more. The US store has SO MUCH STUFF!


Did you know that you can buy Little Einsteins episodes for US$1.99? And download Sesame Street episodes for FREE? I just watched the pilot episode for Gossip Girl last nite, for free! It’s by the same pp who made OC. It’s not bad… a bit like OC but it’s got this REALLY cute guy (:)), that is actually a nice guy who loves his sister and protects her from bullies. He’s the underdog nice guy.


Hee… James is now known as Mr Pilot. He’s been downloading first episodes of different TV series for free. See ah, we don’t really watch TV nor have cable at home so this is great. :)


Hahah… If you have an ipod/Mac etc, all you need is to first buy an iTunes gift certificate from iTS (min US$20), it’ll give you the code and off you go! Hee… Songs are all for $0.99. I found some old favs of mine – Jewel CDs from way back and even found my friend, Eunice Sim’s album Stronger Than Some!

I love being a SAHM

It’s been a year since I left the workforce. I wasn’t really part of the workforce that drives the Singapore economy BUT I was part of the Kingdom workforce. :) I stepped down from serving full time in church with the youth ministry when Sophie was born to become a stay at home mum (SAHM).


At that point, all I knew was that I felt that was what the Lord wanted me to do coz at different times he confirmed it through different people. But I had no clue what I was getting myself into.


The first few weeks was SO TOUGH! Confinement can drive people like me mad! I couldn’t even sit still for 3 days when my gynae confined me to bed rest during the first trimester coz I was bleeding.


I’m really grateful that James is around most of the time. Even if he’s in the office, which is only a few doors away, he comes back for lunch. I’m also grateful that my friends live nearby and we can go over to each others houses to chat and hang out with our babies.


After one year, I’m really getting the hang of it and enjoying it. This is what a normal day for me is like (this is today):


745am – Sophie wakes up, I feed her (still breastfeeding), we read a bible verse and poem together, start the day with a little prayer, talk to each other a bit


8.15am – I put Sophie in the feeding chair in the kitchen while I wash up. Then it’s breakfast in the kitchen, today she had oat cereal + plum (chopped up) and a bit of banana. I find out today that she knows the word banana and she calls it bana or na. She eats the banana on her own while i wash up the dishes. I ate up the rest of the banana. Yep that was my breakfast.


8.45am – Clean her up and change her. Played for a bit and we went out for a walk. I wanted to buy newspapers from the mama shop at my block. We went to the playground and watched a pair of twins play. Came home.


10am – Sophie went down for a nap. I had some quiet time to pray and reflect. After that, I put the clothes to wash, prepared Sophie’s lunch, went through SOL final draft and gave my feedback to Nyet, went online for a while. She actually slept for 2 hrs this morning! Woo hoo! Rare, norm 1 hr but she’s been stretching this.


12pm – Lunchtime, she had white n brown rice porridge + scrambled egg with tomato n french bean. She finished it all, self fed. Bathe her. Left her in the bath while I washed the dishes. Disaster! She pooed in the bath! Argh! Had to bathe her again while James threw out the water. Ewwee…


1pm – Playtime. She played on her own for a bit with the new toys and most of the time I was playing with her. Climbing on the sofa, coffee table, etc… Her, not me. :) We read a bit. I hung out the clothes at the corridor and put Sophie in the bumbo on the corridor floor. She really enjoys that.


2pm – She got a bit tired and I put her down for a nap at 2.15pm, earlier than normal. Normally she naps at 2.30/3pm. James went to get lunch and we ate, chatted a bit. He went back to work while I chilled a bit.


3.15pm – Sophie awakes. I feed her (breastfeed) and then it’s time for tea! She has her normal dose of yogurt. Today is mango yogurt. 125ml! She wasn’t very happy when it was finished so I gave her some Gerber puffs and a drink of water.


3.30pm – We go for a walk again coz it’s super hot and I need the aircon!!! We made our way to HV Shopping Center. Free aircon! Walked both floors completely while Sophie eats her Baby Bites. I even managed to go into a shop to try on some stuff while the cashier entertained her. Went back to our block, watched birds and then went to a playground with rides. Went through all the six rides and then came home.


5pm – Put her in her bumbo to watch Your Baby Can Read, yes she still fits but doesn’t mean she’ll stay. Halfway through she was on the table watching the VCD. Meanwhile I cook her dinner and take a breather.


5.30pm – Dinner time, she had cod fish, mashed potatoes and peas. Self fed. She didn’t have enough so I gave a slice of bread with cheese spread. Finished all that. Bath time again. This time I played with her. Changed her into pjs.


6pm – We spent 1/2 hr playing rubber duckies – take them out of the box and put them in a line and put them back into the box. A few times. :)


6.45pm – Feed her (Breastfeed)


7pm – Prayed with her and put her to sleep, James came back shortly to kiss her goodnite.


7.30pm – Dinner for James and I


8.15pm – Wash up dishes, mop floor, bathe


9pm – Blog and rest… prob watching a DVD tonite with James. REST. :)


It doesn’t seem like very much but I really enjoy watching her go through new experiences everyday. For example today we put hung out the clothes together outside. Hearing her "talk" to the cashier while i try on clothes. It does get tiring at the end of the day but our days are normally quite full.


I don’t think I wanna exchange this for anything else at this point of my life. I’m quite happy and contented.