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Rainbow Fish


Sophie watched Rainbow Fish by iTheatre on Sat together with her Sept baby friends.


I’ve heard a lot about it in the past because it’s a local production and it has been performed at Church of our Saviour’s a couple of times. But I’ve never watched it. After watching it and reading up, I found out that it was originally a collaboration between All Good Gifts Ltd and iTheatre, which meant that it had Christian influence on its script. Ah… that explained why some of the songs sounded Christian.


It was good – James and I enjoyed it very much. Sophie was a bit scared of the dark in the beginning but once it started, she was so engrossed and even asked to sit in her own seat on a booster seat after a while! It was an hour long but it captured her attention.


Halfway thru the show she turned to me and said her fav was the starfish and when the octopus came out, she said she liked it too. Looks like she’s got her own view on stuff now, maybe a movie critic in time! :)


But the best part?!?! Her little time with DN before the show. They sat next to each other and had a moment. You gotta check out DN’s blog to see the pictures!


P/s There are some craft related to the book that we’re planning to do. Here’s the reference – DLTK website.