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Recently I've had many compliments on how good my skin looks. Seriously, I'm not really big on commenting on my own looks n stuff but I thought this might make a good post.


I think part of the reason is the glow that comes with pregnancy (YAY! More reason to have babies!) and part of it is just good genes (Dad's skin is great!). I've never had big problems with pimples and acne even though I'm terrible with all the cleansing, toning and moisturising.


However, I've always been plagued with eczema since I was a kid. I spent most of my teenage life with two patches on my face because I started wearing glasses and somehow it reacted with my face. Recently, it attacked the area around my eyes. Those who saw me back home probably saw how bad it got! Red, itchy and patchy!


I started to try all sorts of stuff, asked around a bit and realised there are so many Singapore kids that are plagued with eczema and allergies! Poor things, I can totally identify!


Then I chanced upon a Singaporean website selling organic products for eczema prone babies on Angie's website (Angie's website is my constant reference for homeschooling references and ideas) called Bellygoods. So, I decided to contact them and give it a try! They had products for adults as well. Val from Bellygoods was really sweet and posted me a sample of Sun*Si'Belle Organic Triple Action Moisturizer with SPF 30+. I needed a moisturizer and sunblock that did not react with my skin while allowing the eczema to heal.


The product is not as smooth as the Biotherm moisturiser that I normally use but it is also a sunblock so it kinda coats the skin and makes it look a little pale. Once I dust some face powder over it, it's great. Another plus factor is that it helps to even out my skin tone so my skin actually looks almost flawless without foundation! Woopee!


After using it for a month or so, the eczema died down. Of course in addition, I've used some eczema cream and Avene spray to reduce the itch before I put on the moisturizer.


I've not used the other products from Bellygoods but I'm sure it's just as good. I think I might get the baby products when baby arrives. The best part is that Val also sells samples so you can try it before you buy the actual product which can be rather costly. But totally worth it in my opinion!

China’s gone green


It’s amazing how China picks up some things so fast…. all the shopping places charge for their paper bags (ya… no more plastic bags!) and also no sign of styrofoam boxes, all paper now.


We need to learn.


Btw, that’s my fav foldable shopping bag that I bought from HV for $12. It’s ex but it looks great and it’s been one of my fav travelling tools so far. Aus and NZ also charge for shopping bags now.

Beautiful Things


Ooooooo this I must rave about.


I have just received the latest online issue of Small magazine and I’ve been savoring it and going through all the links. "Small is the first and only online magazine of independent design for kids." writes editors Christine and Olivia.


Christine also designs and runs her own kids clothing company, Baby Bean. She makes kids clothes using vintage fabrics. I love this particular one (Gigi jumper) so much, I had to write to ask for permission to use her picture and write about her. She replied almost immediately, considering the time difference!


It’s so beautiful………….. sigh… and I so love the expression on this lil model’s face. One of my fav looks. Just beautiful.


Nyet, thanks for recommending Small to me!


I found this lovely little monthly magazine for babies at the library.


It’s called Babybug. I love it coz it’s got thick pages but not as thick as board books, two sentences per page with large enough fonts, lovely storylines & rhymes, and it’s got such lovely illustrations. Love it love it love it!


I went through all the baby books on the shelves and could not find anything i liked. So glad I found this.


And best of all, Sophie loves it! We read it to her every nite and she’ll sit thru it without moving or trying to pull the pages. She actually listens. Lovely!



Some kind of snail… chewy chewy i like

We had seafood at Unique Seafood at Turf City again.

It was so YUMMY i had to take some photos this time.

On weekdays it’s 50% off and weekends 30%, super good!

This is my fav dish – Bamboo Clams cooked with lotsa garlic.
Costs abt $7 each but soooo goooood!


Watching Movies!

We decided go watch a movie today and spend some time just hanging out together… we’ve been so caught up with work and preparing for Sophie that we haven’t spent time just for us. It was good. Any movie was good.

We chose to watch Click. Seemed like a nice bimbo movie but it was actually quite good. I was quite touched towards the end… It is worth watching, on weekdays only tho.

We also watched Raising Helen at home again last nite. I love that movie. It’s got Kate Hudson (I like!), a nice good looking cool pastor (haha!) and wonderful family life story.

David Pierce Flyer


I really like this pamplet. Done by Sarah Mok, our incumbent heartbeat designer… :)

My King is coming back

I just caught Narnia. I think it was one of the best shows i’ve watched this year.

It gave me hope. It gave me hope that my King is coming back. He’s not
dead. He’s got an agenda and he’ll be back to complete it. This is not
it. Thank God!

OH! The sets are beautiful and i loved the little girl Lucy. She’s
always hopeful, always curious, always forgiving, not cynical nor
suspicious. What a beautiful spirit.


Organic Farm


I went to this really cool place yesterday! It’s called Bollywood Veggies.
It’s an organic farm run by our very own national netball ex-captain
Ivy Singh-Lim. She runs it with her husband. They have a nice bistro
called Poison Ivy next to it. They use all that they grow as well as
what their neighbours rear to cook all the dishes. Yummy yummy. Banana
curry, chicken curry, veggies etc… Had a really good time… and Ivy
really lives up to her name – sharp tongue and all. But she’s really
funny. Totally feminist man. Quite cool lah… Must go must go. But
you’ll need a car to get there.

Breathe. Sabbath. God.


I’ve been reading this new book called Breathe.

You must be wondering why i’ve had more time to update my blog. See,
there are seasons in my life. This season the word “rest” keeps
appearing. The Lord’s been teaching me how to rest and how to take time
and just be. I’ve been taking a lot of time off intentionally to just
spend time either alone or with loved ones.

I strongly recommend this book to wives and moms. Or if you are
thinking of simplifying your life and just wanting out of the rat race,
it’s also a good book to read although most experiences quoted are from
moms about family life.

I’m enjoying every bit of the book, savoring the promise of Sabbath.

Guess who’s moving in next door

evovliving – singaporean furniture designers.
interesting. we’ve been trying to guess who’s taking over that new
shop, the one nearest to our place. nice open concept, full display
windows. their sign was up today. exciting…

here’s what it says on their website:

The evov brand is reflective: it reflects the needs of its users. Evov is a boutique that caters to the people who know
what they want and who value themselves and want value in their

Singapore’s experiential space designed for the
community of artists, creatives, designers, expressionists, individualists,

Not really our style but quite like their concept. kudos to singapore designers.

Noah’s Ark


stefie, there you go! This year’s lanterns at chinese garden! This is Noah’s Ark, amazing huh?