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Christmas Party with Mums Group

The Mums’ group had a little Christmas party yesterday. I led the kids in a little song time. Ali showed the kids how to make Christmas stars. Ming Li and Jackie made cookies for the kids to decorate.


Here’s Caleb (7) and his beautifully decorated cookies.



I decorated a cookie for Sophie too! She loved it! She had fun messing with the pink icing.



While the older kids were doing their craft, the toddlers were just playing. Here’s Sophie and Elizabeth having a conversation over the boat that Sophie loves to climb in and out of.



Pssss CAN YOU SEE SOPHIE’S HAIR? It’s growing out! Yeay!


Mums group At Botanicals

Left: Josh, sophie’s football partner

Right: Sophie in her new baseball cap, crawling on the ground sheet

We took the kids to the park this morning at 9. It was fun but super hot.

Sophie got to play a bit of football with Josh. Sharon (Josh’s mum) n I prob had more of a workout than the kids! :)

Sophie n I knocked out after coming home. I took two naps along with her! It’s just so wrong to have a picnic in Singapore, in July. But I’ll still do it again. :) Love the space n trees lah…

Mothers’ Therapy

Hey Evan, let’s just rot
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Here’s Sophie w Evan, Eugenia’s daugther (7mths) at our place just before going to Ming Li’s for Mothers and Babies group.

We’ve been going to the M&B group for a while now. It’s on every Mon.

We don’t do much which is really nice. We just sit around with the babies and talk mother talk.

Example of mother talk:

ML: hey you can try Weetabix but it tastes like cardbox. (She goes n brings it out) Oh… but Elizabeth hates it.
AL: Oh this one. Babies can eat this?
ML: Ya can mix w milk and it will dissolve.
AL: Oh ok i try. (Actually i doubt i will. I won’t even eat it, doubt i will give it to Sophie. Heh heh..)

We can talk like this for 2 hrs and if not for the babies fussing and wanting to nap, we can prob go on and on!

So what about the babies? Now that most of the babies can sit and play, it’s great! They will just sit and play with the toys. Sophie even took a little nap on the mat. Ya she actually slept for 1/2 hr thru all the crying, laughing, talking. Not bad! I was quite impressed!