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What we’ve been up to


Sorry for the slow down in updates while we've been here. 


James has been teaching since Monday and it's been going well! It's a small class of 5 students and 3 staff. It's been cool to see how God works differently each time. James' been learning how to not teach the same things but to really press in and hear God for the specifics each time. He decided not to email everyone daily like the last time but I'll leave him to do that when he is ready.

We accompanied him on the first day to the base but after that, I decided to stay home with the kids instead. I would love to be at the base to hang out and catch up with people but it was just too stressful managing both kids and trying to keep the flies off Levi. It was much easier being at G & A's place. Much cooler with the fan too. But Sophie really enjoys being at the base. I think it's because it's familiar to her. Each time we've been to Vanuatu, we've stayed at the base. This is the first time we are staying off base. She enjoys running around and having the company of the che ches and kor kors.

Tomorrow is the last day of the teaching and we'll go to the base again with James.

Pls continue to pray with us for open heavens. For the students to experience a breakthrough in their struggles and in their relationship with God. To come to know God as their loving Father and to feel safe enough to completely surrender to Jesus as the Lord of their lives.

Family News (November 2010)



James has been invited back to speak at the DTS and this time we're going as a family! I'm really excited.


It's been a year since I've been there (James was there in June on his own) and I really miss the people and the place. I so love the vibe and the people. We'll be staying only two weeks. The first week James will be teaching and the second week we'll be on holiday.


Please keep us in prayer. It's been a up hill battle till this point – trying to get Levi's passport, stress on our relationship etc. The evil one knows our weakest points so please pray that we'll press in and be strong. The topic that James will be speaking on is "Lordship of Christ" and "Fatherheart of God". This is a crucial topic on a DTS because it is a turning point when the students make a deliberate choice in their lives to make Jesus Lord. The last time James spoke, many miracles happened and we expect no less this time! So pls pray with us coz we're really excited. Also pray for good health for the family esp the kids and that Levi will travel and settle well. Oh yes and that we'll have a good break and holiday after.


When we return, a few exciting things will be happening. Sophie will be in her first stage performance with her dance class. My parents and sis are coming for a week. And in Jan, we'll be getting ready to lead the next family ministry school. It's a great challenge but we're excited.


Lord come and have your way!


P/s The last time James was in Vanuatu, he sent out a daily prayer email updating family and friends to pray. If you were not on that list and would like to be, pls email us. It was really exciting to read his emails recounting the daily challenges and miracles. Thanks for praying and loving us!

Feb 2006 Prayer Newsletter

Hi friends and loved ones!

We thought it’ll be timely to keep you all updated about how we are.

Talk about unusual business with the Lord this year.

first time to the gynae

We’re expecting a baby in late September this year! :) It’s been quite
exciting so far. Like what Pastor Ian says I’m learning how to be
pregnant. Two weeks after we found out, i had cramps and this week i
had bleeding. I think we’ve been to the gynae like 3 times over 2
weeks. But i think being pregnant has really been stretching our faith!
God is good, baby is fine. I just need to stop running around so much.
:) And at least now i understand why i was so tired and listless the past few weeks!

my husband paints on
work done by pft, James’ friends

Other than baby, James has also left Teach His Word and started
freelancing and collaborating with old friends to venture into Visual
Communications. They have been working on wall murals/graffitti,
corporate communications design and for him, he focuses on web and
multimedia design. It is quite a step of faith for us coz financially
it means we’re depending on the possibilities for jobs. But we’re
learning to trust God and thank God for the flow of jobs so far.

We’ve also started class at Singapore Bible College. Thank God that
James is freelancing and church has allowed me to start studying part
time. We’re taking a class together called OT Historical Books (Joshua
– Esther) on Tues and Fri mornings that will end in May. It’s been
quite intense so far. We are to hand in a written assignment every
week, either commenting and summarising the book or discussing
difficult issues. We thoroughly enjoy it and it’s a good balance while
still being in full time ministry in church. The input has been
tremendous and helping us go deep.

We anticipate that this year is going to be a year where we’ll grow in
the purposes of God for our lives and learning to walk by faith,
trusting that our God will lead us and provide for us.

Since we’re studying Joshua at the moment, we’ll end with this old song:
“The Lord has given a land of good things
I will press in and make them mine
I’ll know His power
I’ll know His glory
And in His kingdom i will shine

With the high praises of God in our mouth
And a two edged sword in our hands
We’ll march right on into victory side
Right into Canaan’s land”

Left: Serve 2006 – my group Hello
Panda! Serve is a 2 mth youth discipleship program catering to those
who have finished Os or As and are waiting for their results.
Right: 22nd Jan – Consecration Service (James and i together with
others were involved in conceptualising the Youth cum Kids item plus
working on all the
props. It was the first time for us as a couple to put our talents
together for the glory of God. Exciting!)
Bottom Left: Production of clouds n trees
Bottom Right: Youth cell

Pray for us
1. That we will grow in the Lord – deeper in faith and deeper in the Word.
2. That we will grow as a couple and as parents to be
3. That our lives will be a testimony and impact to our friends and the
people that we minister to (mostly youths and young adults)
4. That the Lord will use us mightly to reach non-Christian friends and
youths that are struggling in their relationships with God.
5. That the Lord will use us mightly to disciple young people in their walk with God.
6. That financially that we will have sufficient to give and share with others

Thank you for partnering with us and praying for us!

James and Ai Ling

Newsletter Dec 04

Hello our dearly beloved family and friends,

First of all, we wanna wish you all a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year ahead!

This year has been an exciting year for the both of us! It has been filled with lots of changes and with that came trials and tribulations as well. It has been a year of learning to trust in Christ our rock. His plans are perfect and His timing is perfect.


Newsletter Sept 04

Hello everyone, friends and family!

It’s been such a long time since either James or myself have written a newsletter. It’s about time to give everyone an update of what’s been happening in our lives and what God’s been doing!