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Lazy Night

This evening has been a total waste of time. I’ve got dishes to wash but I’m here on my com checking out my Facebook account and linking friends to my Flickr (pro, mind you !!?!? haha) account. Since what time? 8pm. It’s 11pm. That’s a good 3 hrs and more since time is still ticking away.




Anyways… I found this awesome picture (taken by our newly appointed Godpa Daniel Tham) of Wan Lin’s super bring your fav childhood toy bday party at our place last year Aug.


This was pre Sophie days. See my tummy? Sophie was still containable. Those party planning days are over.


But…. I’m planning to plan a come back. Christmas I hope.

Mural @ the New Majestic

At last after 3 weeks of hardwork we (James, Mark and friends from tues
Grp) finally completed the mural at the hip New Majestic Hotel. Coloured
portions designed by Mark n Gray portions designed by James.

Spiritual Hunger Conference

Cover design by Christian S. (COOS)

Just wrapped up Spiritual Hunger Conference held at Church Of Our Savior on the 7-8 April. Sent for print this evening, CDs will be out next week.

Mahesh Chevda is the spiritual son of the late Derek Prince. Heard of
him last year from Cal Pierce that gold dust+feathers often fall from
thin air during his meetings.

*update (may19)*
– You can download their Mp3 from Church Of Our Savior’s Website.
  (search for Mahesh + Bonnie Chevda)


Work Update 19/02

Am preparing for next week’s Asia Oceania Prayer Convocation 2005. I’ll be at SunTec City 830am to 1030pm Mon – Fri., recording, manning booth, selling Cds, talking to ppl; general working.

going on the 1st day to a 5-day conference and finding a booth that
offers a CD rom with the entire conference’s proceedings in audio,video
+ powerpoint for sale, seemingly even before any speaker goes on stage
to deliver his message. This is what we are attempting to prepare
at the moment. How do we do that? Sorry trade secret. 😉


A brief update on whats happening at work

Now with Video!
Really excited about our latest platform. Just wrapped up 2 latest titles :
1. How & When To Tell your Kids About Sex – Dr Stanton Jones
    (Click Here To View)
     – 1.5hrs streaming, approx. 5 mins to load for broadband users

2. Why In the World Do We Work – Pastor Benny Ho 


Really enjoyed working on this one, can’t wait to see the finished product (prob in abt 2-3 weeks).

Just found out today that any production with video must be
sent to the censorship board for approval, shouldn’t be too much of a
fuss tho.
– For those who are not familiar with THWRC‘s
teaching resources, we are a not-for-profit society dedicated to serve
the church through multimedia education. We specialise in packaging
many hours of teaching, esp.
seminars/conferences (powerpoint-in-sync+video+mp3 audio) into
interactive multimedia CDs, to equip anyone with a desire to
share/teach God’s Word with effective+convenient resources.


A Tribute To Tues Grp

Artwork by Mark Wee
Animation by James Lim