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When i was your age

13 yrs old al_1.jpg
When i was 13

When i was 15

When i was 16

Haha… i thought i would upload some of my photos as a teenager.

I used to spend most of my holiday times with my cousins, at that time
i was still taller than them. haha. From left, Sharon, Siew Lin, me,
Siew Min. Guess where it was?!?! Haha, Pasir Ris park! Same place we
had Junior C Retreat!

I remember how i had birthday parties almost every year with my closest
friends, even though my birthday was always near exams. Oh! and I had 1
pathetic guy friend in my sunday school class. In the past, we had
sunday school till Sec 2-3 i think. SL was so close to me that she’ll
join in too. The same people you see in the second photo were also in
my Sec 4 graduating class. Wait wait… guess where this was taken?!?!?
Haha, Pasir Ris bungalow! Same place we had Junior C Retreat! Hahah so
funny! Recognise the stone chairs! They are the same ones!!!!!!!!

The last photo was taken in MGS, Mount Sophia. Those were my closest
friends in Sec 4. I still meet up with 2 of them once or twice a year.
Both married and one has a beautiful toddler.

It’s so fun to look back. Although it’s a long time ago, it is still so
real to me coz i experienced so much during that time. I can remember
distinctively all the friendships, the joy and the pains, etc. I may be
a lot older than the youths that i meet every week but it’s not
difficult relating to them although things have changed in the past 15
years BUT somehow we still go thru the same struggles and joys and

St Andrew’s



Today i had the opportunity to go visit the Diocese of Singapore office at the new St Andrew’s Village.

It brought back a lot of memories. They had refurbished the old SA. The
place where we used to drop Kelvin off to school. I loved the school
compound coz it’s got much character. Wooden doorframes and windows with green
stained glass. Somehow the new schools do not carry the same character
and do not look as distinguished as the old ones.

Even old MGS looks so
much better. Yep, old is still better.

Anyways, Kel, took the photos just for you. Up & on.