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Seasons Of Life October Issue


Woo hoo! It’s OUT! :)


James and i were so happy to see the final product! I bet the rest of the team were too.


This issue is special for us coz James n I collaborated for the first time on the cover design. We did a modern visual interpretation of the Biblical characters David, Joshua, Moses, Daniel and Joseph in their youth. Yep this issue’s special focus is on YOUTH – A RISING GENERATION.


A special shout out and thank you to all the contributors Cecilia, Vic, Clem, Dan, Jim. You guys rock :)… thanks….

Seasons of Life July Issue

The July issue is out! This issue is on Man, Fatherhood and more.


This time round, we got James to be part of it too. He wrote the Cover Story, "Men of God, Are They for Real?", in which he extracted the content of a forum that we organised with some of the men in our church.


I’m really enjoying being part of the Seasons of Life editorial team. The team is made up of really fun people and I’ve learnt a lot from them.


Meetings are actually very enjoyable coz we eat oily local breakfast, talk and debate about worthy issues/articles to include in each issue, crack our brains a bit, laugh, crack more brains. It really gets my homemaker brain working, stretches my faith and expresses my faith into words. I love it!


Above all, I have made 3 more really good friends. It has been a privilege to share in their lives and learn from them.


Nyet has not been well. Please keep her in prayer. She has been pivotal in the development of this magazine.


So, if you haven’t gotten your issue, please grab one at the church info desk…. that is, if there are any left! If not, let me know, I can email you a soft copy. And we would love to hear feedback too… let us know what you would like to see or read.

Seasons of Life April Issue

Woo hoo! I’m so excited! The first issue of the year of Seasons of Life is OUT!!!! It’ll be distributed at service tomorrow so you’re getting a preview! Heh… We’ve revamped the look and jazzed up the entire feel of it. And it’s A5 size, small n tight.

I’m so glad to be volunteering at this point where things are up gear. I haven’t done much but it’s been REALLY FUN! I get to work on the Reading Corner which is the book review section. It’s really right up my ally coz I love books and talking about them! Shiok, now i get to call up bookstores to get books reviewed, hopefully that goes thru and i’ll read for free! Wah haha. But seriously, I’ve learnt A LOT from the rest of the team members – 2 full time mums, one pastor and one working dad.

Seasons of Life is primarily an SJSM (my church) publication that focuses on family life issues. It’s been on my heart to address some of the issues that are attacking Christian families these days and it was really a God opportunity to do this thru a publication and work with some amazing people.

So if you want a copy, please let me know and if you are far away, i’ll mail it to you! That is if there are any copies left from tomorrow… :)