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Universal Studios, Singapore


We went to Universal Studios on Monday. This is the first time in history that Singapore has its own international theme park! How exciting! It's not as big as most in other countries but I guess it's proportional to the size of our country!


Over the past few years since we've had Sophie, we've been to 3 theme parks – Hong Kong Disneyland, Movie World Gold Coast and now Universal Studios Singapore. Comparing them, I think the first two are more suitable for kids under 7 and Universal Studios is more for older kids and adults. It's probably coz Sophie was more familiar with the the disney characters and Looney Tunes characters. US only had Shrek and Madagascar. Most of the shows were quite scary too. Mostly effects and monsters.


That said, we still enjoyed it very much. There were lotsa of shows like the Shrek 4D movie, a Monster Rock Musical, Madagascar characters dancing live show (the girls enjoyed it a lot). Sophie sat on only 1 ride coz she is still not big on rides. But Skyler who's almost 3 went on the carousel, a dinosaur ride and a shrek ride with her daddy. The guys enjoyed most of the roller coaster rides. Sue and I were happy just walking, enjoying the shows and sights and hiding in air-conditioned cafes while the guys went on their rides. It was so funny how the staff told us that if we need to rest, we could sleep in the baby's changing room! Apparently some pregnant women had fainted in the queues coz it was too hot! We had to remember to drown ourselves with water throughout the day.


It was really fun to go with another family coz we could keep each other company while waiting. Even on a Monday, we spent a good amount of time in queues. I think it's going to get worse during the school holidays! For the month of May, 3 of the rides are not available so they have compensated us by giving us a $10 food voucher and $5 retail voucher.

Local Scenes

I just uploaded a whole lot of photos we’ve been taking over the past two weeks. James sent his com in for servicing so I haven’t been able to upload photos/blog properly.


Here are some of the scenes from our daily life in Singapore that we miss much:-


The good ole kueh (cake) shop that serves local breakfast/tea and snacks.



Fresh seafood in the air-conditioned supermarket


Papa asking Sophie if she wants to eat frogs for lunch. Frog legs is a delicacy for Cantonese. It is used in stir fries or in congee.


We attended Dr and Mrs Maak’s (4th Principal of Singapore Bible College) 80th birthday dinner and they served the traditional birthday buns. Haven’t seen those in ages. It’s plain buns with sweet filling. This peach bun is served when older people celebrate their birthdays and it symbolises longevity.


Family reunions at the Hawker Centre with pink plastic table covers. Ooo the salty egg crabs were so good at this Ghim Moh stall.


Swimming at anytime of the day. Sophie insisted on swimming so Nyet found Em (Em’s 11)’s old clothes for Sophie to wear and in she went!


View from The Pinnacle@The Duxton, one of the newest local subsidized housing developments. It is 50 storeys tall, right next to Chinatown/CBD area. We were only at 25 storeys taking this picture.




Melting in the sun


This was Sophie after 10 mins at the playground. She looked like she just had a shower. Nowadays, her hair is perpetually drenched!


"Can we go to the library now, Mummy?"


Ok I tried. I tried to bring Sophie to the playground to run around. The previous trip back (May 2009), I couldn’t bring myself to go downstairs even though the playground is just below the block of flats where we live. It was just TOO HOT. But this time round, I felt so bad keeping Soph in the house. So I thought I’ll bring her early in the morning and then hop over to the library next door to cool off.


We survived about 15 mins and had to get a lime juice at the library cafe and breathe for a moment. :)