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Key Words

Here are some key words from the past few days:-  friends, pack, sell, rent, buy books, shopping, Christmas, dinner, pack, parents in law, haircut, parties, friends, massage, pedicure, post office, bank, away in the manger, presents, cell, prayer……………… No time to blog lah…

Off To Print!

Woo hoo! I’m so happy! The mag (Seasons of Life) is finally off to print and I can breathe once again!


The weekend was a particularly stressful one coz we had to change designer halfway and she had to work thru the night to finish up yesterday.


Ok I must admit I do enjoy the adreneline rush that comes with stress but can be ugly to the people close to me. Argh. James has one final project to complete by today and then both of us will be able to sit back and dream about our upcoming trip! I’m just starting to think we’re going away for 1 whole mth and we have totally no plan except for flight tickets and lodging.


It’s going to be a good week :)

Short Break

I’m really caught up with a few things at the moment – rushing mag to print PLUS a whole week full of birthday celebrations – my mum’s, MIL’s and Sophie’s!


Soph’s got people coming all the way to our house to deliver presents! Way spoilt! (Note to self: time for no 2 before too much attention kills her! Argh!) But we’ve been so blessed by the company of good friends over the week, more to come. Ok, more about that later. Back to work.

Rainbow Fish


Sophie watched Rainbow Fish by iTheatre on Sat together with her Sept baby friends.


I’ve heard a lot about it in the past because it’s a local production and it has been performed at Church of our Saviour’s a couple of times. But I’ve never watched it. After watching it and reading up, I found out that it was originally a collaboration between All Good Gifts Ltd and iTheatre, which meant that it had Christian influence on its script. Ah… that explained why some of the songs sounded Christian.


It was good – James and I enjoyed it very much. Sophie was a bit scared of the dark in the beginning but once it started, she was so engrossed and even asked to sit in her own seat on a booster seat after a while! It was an hour long but it captured her attention.


Halfway thru the show she turned to me and said her fav was the starfish and when the octopus came out, she said she liked it too. Looks like she’s got her own view on stuff now, maybe a movie critic in time! :)


But the best part?!?! Her little time with DN before the show. They sat next to each other and had a moment. You gotta check out DN’s blog to see the pictures!


P/s There are some craft related to the book that we’re planning to do. Here’s the reference – DLTK website.


James decided that we’re off TV this week, as a family. (!?!?) How was I going to cook without our good ole faithful Barney? What if I needed a nap? Who’s going to entertain our lil one? And no Gossip girl this week (Btw the new season is back! And it’s good!)?


Anyway we survived the first day.


This morning, after we came home from Mums Group, I went to cook lunch while James entertained Sophie…. ok more like he read her to sleep… serious! She fell asleep in his arms while he was reading to to her! First time I saw something like that. So funny! I think she must have been tired out by her busy social life!


After lunch, I crashed and James took Sophie out to run errands.  They were out for a long time and in the end, we had dinner with my in laws so Sophie had zilch TV today. Cool!


What about us? I’ve been busy on my com and even managed to tidy up the house a bit. James’ busy with his new toys- he got some new camera lens. Yep, so far so good.



Travelling Again!

Ooooo I can’t wait. We’re going to Melbourne and Brissy very soon! We’ll be in Melbourne for friends’ wedding and in Brissy for the birth of my niece.


I’m so excited and I’ve been looking thru books and surfing sites to check out the places to visit. This time we’re hoping to do a lot more stuff since Sophie is able to join in the fun! The last trip to Brissy for my bro’s wedding, she was only 7 months old, hardly even crawling!


Right now I’m surfing DesignSpongeOnline for their Melbourne roundup of latest designers. So exciting! Can’t wait to check out the shops! This is my first time to Melbourne and I’ve heard so much abt the great shopping. Just browsing is going to be so shiok….



Here’s Sophie trying to take a nap with her Pooh bear in the baby cot she inherited frm che che Shanae.


She had a short nap and she wanted out! :)

Time out

Oooo… James just took Sophie on a date to give me some time off coz it’s my turn to fall sick. So cute seeing the both of them. It’s amazing how he just makes do with a diaper, some wet wipes, pacifier and the sling. Ok, time to koon.


I have finally stopped breastfeeding on Sat. It’s been exactly 14 months, and about 20 days.


Our family had a bit of a rough weekend. I was planning to wean Sophie by Christmas or at least end of the year. My plan was to do it slow and smooth. Sophie is already down to 2 breastfeeding times – when she wakes up and before she sleeps. When I’m away, whoever babysits can give her a bottle of formula milk at night and she sleeps. Over the past month I’ve introduced her to a cup of formula milk at breakfast which she loves.


The final stage was to drop either the morning or night feed first and subsequently the other. I couldn’t decide which one to go first coz both meant a lot to her. The morning feed is our bonding time and the night feed calms her down. So that was my stuck point. I couldn’t quite get past that stage.


Anyways… to cut the long story short. I went to the doctor on Sat because my migraines have been affecting my daily life for the past month. It comes and goes, almost everyday. The doctor’s exactly words were you’ll have to wean her if you want anything other than a panadol. I was really quite sad. I didn’t expect to have to wean Sophie like that – a choice between her or I. But the panadol wasn’t working for me anymore.


Anyway, with James’ encouragement, I decided to wean Sophie off completely. That night, she cried "milk milk". I figured also that since she can start saying that, i better wean her off else we’ll be out and she’ll be tugging at my shirt and saying "milk milk". argh…


The morning after was the worst. She cried for a while before she was willing to take the cup of milk. Since then, it’s been quite good. She happily took the cup of milk this morning.


I’m kinda glad it happened this way coz I’m so bad at letting things go and I normally just hang on. It’s me who needed weaning, I think. So I’m glad to say, I’ve got my migraines under control and Sophie is fully weaned.




My Baobao can stand

On her own!!!! Finally! It happened today and I was there to see it!!!


Hee… i know most babies her age are running or skipping but I’m so happy!!!!!! She has been trying it the whole day today and we keep cheering for her. She finally lift her butt and raised her hands! Woo hoo… ok, for like 2-3 seconds. She’s getting much more confident with her push cars too. COOLS.

SSO Baby Prom

We went to our very first Singapore Symphony Orchestra performance yesterday and guess what? We could bring our babies!


I’m not a orchestra or classical music type person but this was FANTASTIC. The whole of Victoria Memorial Concert hall filled with cheering kids and parents, unlike the shhhhs of normal concerts. The host was very engaging and the entire orchestra were in t-shirt and black pants. There were babies fussing, kids running around, balloons on stage etc..


The performance included an introduction to all the sections, action games, a story with the accompaniment of the orchestra, a chance for the kids to conduct the orchestra and ended with a finale that allows all the kids to get onto stage to stand next to their fav musician/instrument! So fun! But parents not allowed to go on stage.



But we made our way to the front of the stage to enjoy the fun too. Sophie enjoyed it very much. She was bobbing to the music and clapping. But most of the time, she was more interested in the boy behind us. The audience seemed more interesting to her.


It’s a yearly event and we are definitely reserving our tickets for the next one. By the time we got our tickets in Sept, there were only a few left! Good thing our friend’s bro is in the SSO and he had access to priority tickets.

Porridge For Hair Growth?

This is not a new method to make Sophie’s hair grow. :)


I tried uploading a video of Sophie self feeding but think it was too big. Will try again later but this will do for the moment. Haha….


I love watching her self feed. Can be quite terrifying for a mom who needs to be neat and tidy but that’s not me, so, to me it’s just super funny! :) But actually it’s not that bad lah. Most days she gets away with just mess on her hands, table, floor and booster seat. Nothing on the hair.


Now she can say "more" if she wants more and "no more" if there’s no more. Or at least it sounds like it lah. Haha… She’s quite good at mimicing what we say.