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I’m a little hanger

Our lil tap dancer!



Walk in progress 2





Sophie’s Baptism Video (25 Dec 2007)

Talk talk talk

Walk walk walk

Spoon Feeding

Today was Sophie’s first attempt feeding herself with some porridge at lunchtime. Look here if you can’t see the video.


I finally plucked up the courage to let her try. I was thinking of waiting till she turned one to do it but I was clearing the cupboards and found this floor mat which Cel gave me long time ago. It is meant for messy feeding time.


Boy was it messy! It was hilarious! Esp the part when she put her head into the bowl! At the same time I was so thrilled to see that she kinda knew what she was supposed to do! It was a really messy end but thank God for the floor mat. I had to undress Sophie n put her in another chair so that she didn’t mess up the kitchen with the remaining bits. And into the bathe she went after that. Pretty simple and so fun! I tried it again at dinner and she fed herself consecutively 5 spoonsful! Wah! Super! Ok lah i donno how other kids her age do it hee hee but I was pretty impressed she managed to do it!

Baby Movin’

Baby AJ is now 18 weeks! Wow…. here is peek at
baby on 3rd April in 4D scan… she’s dancing! James and I were like wow… and
doc was saying that AJ is likely to be a girl… heh…